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Crisis in Indian Aviation Industry

Crisis in Indian Aviation Industry

Indian aviation industry in undergoing a drastic loss due to unforeseen impacts of the measures taken in last few years. The multiplicity of taxes in aviation industry, merger of Air India and Indian Airlines, rise in crude oil (petroleum), acquisition of air carriers by the private and public airlines etc has made the aviation industry think of new avenues for bringing back the industry on right track. The private and public sectors players in this aviation industry must sit together to work out strategies to tide over the crisis. It government should come forward with innovative solution and other air carriers must learn from Indigo which is still making profit in spite of the looming crisis in the aviation sector. One suggested measures can be the opening up the sector for foreign direct investment and adopting open sky policy to give way to the foreign airways services. Direct import of petroleum by the domestic carriers may not be so easy as loosening the taxation mechanism.
from:  Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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