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Right to Education- Social Inclusion

Right to Education- Social Inclusion

Right to Education is a ambitious act and its enactment in the true spirit will surely have a good impact on creating a inclusive growth and development. It is a matter of shape that some private educational institutional are more of a economic enterprise and they admit those who can afford high but the poor feel social exclusion in this whole process of commercialization. The poor have equal right to quality education. The private institutions should take the Supreme Court order seriously and they should devise selection suitable criteria for selection of bright students from the underprivileged communities. One suggested criteria can be free admission of wards of the staffs of the institutions who come from those underprivileged communities and areas. Other criteria can be the nearness of the candidate for admission so that other overhead cost of education like travelling is reduced. Talent search can be conducted to select meritorious students among the poor students of nearby area.
from:  Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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