Pen to Print Offer for Scholars by Pen2Print

Pen to Print: Opportunities for Scholars to get Published their books or Research Papers

The purpose of the Pen to Print (Pen2Print) Project is to build on the network of support for aspiring writers in in developing countries to get published their research work or creative writing in the form of books or research papers for International Journal of Research.
It aims to identify local writing talent and provide opportunities to produce quality writing for publication.
It does this through a series of workshops and masterclasses supported by established creative writing experts and authors.
The programme is funded for one year and has these elements:
  • Book Publication 
  • Book Chapter Publication 
  • Research Publication
  • Guest Post
In addition to the main competition elements, there will be a series of on-going author events and workshops during the Pen to Print scheme.
These events will be open to all residents and are aimed at inspiring and encouraging aspiring writers, as well as providing entertainment to the wider reading public.
The Pen2Print or Pen to Print Project has been made possible with funding from the Edupedia Publications Private Limited, a leading publishing company of academic books and journals. 
If you're looking for a solid introduction to writing and the writing business, this is it.  We provide complete source available for writers on the practical business of getting published. 

What is Pen to Print?

Pen to Print is a multi-faceted Creative Writing and publishing project and, at first glance, appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, I have had the pleasure of gathering together a dedicated, enthusiastic and inspiring team of professional writers and artists. We ensure that talented people get opportunity for delivering something that can become very special.

Project benefits

We have opened up these opportunities to  people who had never seen themselves able to become professional writers and tooled them up with advice and experiences. As a result, we have to date had 200 books published, but more than this we have changed lives, opened up horizons and shown people that, with a little faith, anything is possible.
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