IJR heartily welcomes to all of the authors and technocrats who all has been laying their all to the area of interest thereof. It has been our respect and aspiration to take the curtain off from the oblivion researches and the efforts by you genius, and making this as pledge blew a wind to take us ahead of crossing the conventional Milestone of solitary researches and confinement of the study and researches. 

International Journal of Research

The juncture says to show what you have inside, it would take you to the most deserving peak you worth for and keeping the point in our view we launched a very galvanizing Portal where you can publish your researches globally at the very moment you clicked a button without paying a single cent, as it is open access journal so all authors can easily access and also submit research paper for publication without demand of any sign up, sign in or any online paper submission fee.
Beside these the researchers and authors are also invited here for free to access the research papers as IJR is an open access journal, this has been facilitated keeping the point in mind that more often authors use to get help while researching to their research topics and references for their projects, that exactly shows the weight-age of your research work then how great it would be when you will be of any use to a talent and more over they would mention your name and profile to their index carrying reference.

IJR Journal

IJR facilitates the Online research paper publication and as-well-as print research papers publication accompanying the e-ISSN 2348-6848, being the journal mean online there are lot of opportunities to be recognized through our high indexing via Google scholar, wikiCFP, scribd, slideshare, openresearch, wepapers, issuu etc. We have the meticulous experts from various fields and they are “Member Of Editorial Board”, and their exquisiteness and excellency of effort has took us to the Impact factor-5.11 as evaluated by the SJIF and IC Value-5.6. We are laying our great emphasis to achieve the indexing via Thomson Router, and sooner we will have that after some legal formalities, as International Journal Of Research and (IJR) aim not to confine our authors to us only but we let them scattered over as much other journals as possible to exaggerate the real talent and researches, and this has been made possible on the bullet of internet

Call for Papers

It has been observed that some authors/researchers have in depth knowledge in their working field and they work hard from long time. But they fail to project their work globally. IJR is an online publication which promotes their research work globally with the help of high indexing websites. In this way author's work reaches to the target audience. We also welcome your suggestions in our official email address is: for the improvement of our online journal. We know that your suggestions will be very helpful for IJR and we will implement them as soon as possible.
IJR also help to improve the paper of the authors with the help of our "Team IJR" and "Member of Editorial Board" when we guide to how to write international research paper and how to publish research paper. We are presently cover all the fields of engineering and technology which author can find in the "aim and scope" section. We also provide the live support, email support and telephonic support where we motivate and suggest the right way of paper writing. Authors can also find the initial guidance in " Author Instruction" section. If authors face any difficulties they can contact us on the mentioned contact details.

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