After being given an academic assignment, students often decide to buy an essay online from agencies that are too cheap. Such companies may end up offering custom essay papers that are not of the best quality.
Seek Confidential Paper Services to Buy a College Essay Online: 4 Cons of Too Cheap Agencies

The Paper Guide: 4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy an Essay Online Cheap from Unreliable Agencies

  1. Poor works. Agencies that offer writing services that are too cheap are likely to present a term paper that is of poor quality. Therefore, you need to be careful when you buy an essay online cheap;
  2. A company does not provide custom writing services. Such a company may hire a writer who will write a dissertation paper that does not tell you or give you an idea of what you should cover in your own writing assignment, for example, a research paper. Having dealt with such an agency, students often leave reviews such as: ‘It was difficult for me to start writing my paper since I did not understand what I should talk about in it’;
  3. Essay paper samples that are plagiarized. Online writing websites that do not hire professional writers to create essays for the customers are more likely to present plagiarized essay paper samples. In this case, you are more likely to face difficulties since your example paper is written by dummies, and the received example differs a lot from the real paper that you have been assigned to write;
  4. A company delivers written assignment examples too late. This means that you will not be able to meet your deadline. In this case, you realize that you have wasted your precious time as well as money on s sample that you are not going to use anywhere.

Paper Tips: When You Can Order an Essay Online at a Cheap Price

  • Online writing websites offer high-quality essay papers to their clients. If a company guarantees that each work they put for sale is plagiarism free as well as it is taken through the plagiarism checker software, it is a good sign for you. If they realize that the work contains any plagiarism, then, you can ask the writer for revisions. In most cases, if the company guarantees original works, they revise them gratis.  
  • The company has expert writers on the staff. When you place your order, it should always be taken by one of the top writers on the website who offers a good service. Such writers may be specialized in the subject area of your essays, and they are more likely to provide the help of high quality.
  • The company saves you money not asking to pay too much for their services. As a student, you may not have too much money to pay for assistance from the custom writing agency. This is the reason why numerous English writing websites offer not the cheapest but affordable online writing services making sure that the quality is not compromised.

From the above-given reasons, as a student, you should be able to identify online writing services that are cheap but reliable at the same time, and therefore entrust your college duties to the right professionals.
Even if you like to write, sometimes you probably feel unmotivated and cannot force yourself to finally take that pen and start working, even if you have an assignment to do, and the deadline is drawing nearer. If you ask yourself, “What can give me inspiration to finish my work?” we may be able to help. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to go on writing is to watch a movie about writing. With so many subscription services available nowadays, getting the necessary movie isn’t going to be a problem. So, what are the titles best suited to get you out of a rut?
Custom Essay Writing Service Speaks: 3 Films about Writing that Will Make You Grab a Pen

  • Custom Essays: Fight Writer’s Block and Practice Custom Essays with The Lost Weekend
Don Birnam, an alcoholic writer trying to write a novel about his alcoholism ends up going on a binge for four days, almost completely ruining his life in the process. This movie is an excellent demonstration that the idea of getting inspiration from alcohol isn’t very realistic – Birnam desperately tries to overcome his writer’s block, but whiskey doesn’t help, only making the matters worse. In the end, it is the age-old advice that gets him moving: if you don’t know what to write, start writing anything. Let words flow, and you will soon find it difficult to contain them.
  • Teach Yourself Consistency with Julie & Julia
The main character, Julie Powell, starts a blog to document her effort to use every recipe from a book on French cuisine. This movie is especially useful for those who take their writing efforts online, into the realm of blogging. At first Julie is depressed as nobody but her mother is interested in her writing, but consistent effort helps her build up an audience and become an authority in her own right – which is a lesson many of us can do well to learn.
  • Learn the Power of Words with Ace in the Hole
Chuck Tatum, a formerly famous reporter from a big newspaper, ends up working for a small provincial newspaper. Willing to find his way back into his former editor’s graces he creates a sensation out of a story about a man trapped underground by a cave-in, artificially prolongs the rescue attempt and turns it into a full-blown carnival, with very unpleasant consequences for all concerned. An excellent illustration of how powerful writing can be, especially in unscrupulous hands.

What to Do if Anything Else Fails

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As the 2018 school year comes to a close a whole new wave of high school graduates are planning their collegiate future, current college students are preparing for a well deserved summer vacation, with maybe a few summer courses in between the spring and fall semesters.

And, as has been the trend for the past decade or so, student loans are at an all time high for American collegiate students. In 2016, a census confirmed that the average student loan debt was around $37, 172. Which, as someone with over $100,000(!!!) in student loan debt, I’m a little jealous for those who average around that much. 
Student Loan Delinquency

Student loans have been steadily increasing for the past decade, and it has and will continue to have an enormous impact on all prospective, current, and recently graduated college students.

The Student Loan Landscape

To get a better picture of the current standing of how student loans impact this generation, let’s take a look at some facts. The most recent statistics show us that;
  • There is a total of 1.48 trillion dollars of student loan debt in the United States
  • Over 4 million Americans have student loan debt, and of those 4 million Americans there is an 11 percent student loan delinquency rate. Student loan delinquency is when someone is 90 days or more behind on their student loan repayments.
  • Speaking of payments, the average student loan monthly payment for students between the ages of 20 and 30 is $351 based upon the 2016 national average for student debt.

Student Loan Delinquency vs. Default

Student loan delinquency, and student loan defaults are actually two different things. Student loan default is when you are late on a payment and can be followed generally along this timeline according to U.S News.
  • 15-30 Days past due: At this point, your loan servicer will begin to add late fees. Loan services can also add up to 6 percent interest to your payments when they are passed due.
  • 31-90 Days past due: More late fees get added on to your missed payments, as well as reports being sent to the consumer reporting agencies. This can actually have an effect on your credit, and will also resort to the service agency sending phone calls and letters.
  • 91-240 Days past due: More additional late fees are added, and reports of being past due payments are reported to consumer reporting agencies. Interest rates on opened credit cards may begin to increase as well as difficulty in gaining other lines of credit. Any pending car loans, mortgages, or apartment leases may be rejected at this stage.
  • 241-269 Days past due: This is the final stage before student loans are considered to be default. At this point, the loan lenders will send a final demand letter requesting the entirety of your loan balance to be paid within the next 30 days. Previous other actions, such as increased insurance payments and monthly loan reports will continue to be sent at this time.
  • 270 Days. It is at this point in time that your student loans are considered to be default. Once this time hits, there can be a number of occurrences.

For example, the IRS tax lien and its implication. An IRS tax lien is when the IRS seizes items in order to "encourage" those in default to pay off what they owe in this instance, the IRS may seize your tax refund and use it to pay your default loans.

Your entire loan price becomes due in full and the outstanding interest is added to the balance. Translated, this means that you will be charged in interest on the interest that you have not even paid yet. The loan default will be reported to consumer reporting agencies, and severely damage credit.

It has a lasting effect on credit reports, depending on how you deal with your student loan default, it can remain on your credit record for up to seven years. You will also lose your ability to apply for federal loans such as those through the Pell Grant, loans which you do not have to repay.

Overall, when your student loans are in delinquency, there are still options available for how to repay them. Once student loans hit the default portion, those options become limited and the effects can have lasting damage on the rest of your life and your financial stability.

Seizing Your Tax Refund.

Maybe the landscape surrounding student loan delinquency and default is familiar to you. Maybe you have reached the stage in which your tax refund has been seized to pay for your student loan debts. Either way, here is some information that can help you whether you are or are not familiar with the process behind seizing a tax refund.

The decision to remand your tax refund is made through the Education Department using the Treasury Offset Program. This program allows for federal payments to be intercepted partly or completely to pay off outstanding loans.

According to Jay Fleischman, a student loan and bankruptcy attorney, people who have student loans in default will receive a warning before tax season stating that their refund may be seized in order to pay of their outstanding loans. In this notice, there will be instructions to review your loan and try and offset the default.

If your refund is taken and you believe that it is something you can contest, you can contact the Education Department. If there was an error made in taking your refund, it will be refunded by the Education Department. However, this type of error is not one that is commonly made, and contesting the taking of your refund should not be the only plan in place when it comes to default loans.

Jay Fleischman does say that making an injured spouse claim is possible and may return your refund, if you filed taxes jointly with a spouse and it is their student loan that is in default.

Unfortunately, if you have had your tax refund seized to pay off default student loans, there are not many options available to have that refund returned to you. According to Credit.com, the most suggested option is to work on having your loans moved out of the default stage. This can be done by contacting your loan provider and talking about possible payment plans.

One option that is commonly provided amongst loan services is the customized monthly payment plan based on your income. Working with a tax relief professional to discuss future options and customizing your loan payment plan is your best bet when it comes to getting your student loans out of default.

Can You Declare Student Loan Bankruptcy

It is possible to declare bankruptcy when it comes to your student loans. However, this can possibly lead to even more damage being done to your credit and is an overall very complicated process. You may have to pay extensive court and legal fees as well. However, if you have already defaulted on your student loans then your credit has already been impacted and declaring bankruptcy on your student loans could be an option.

Rarely is bankruptcy an easy process, but this is especially true for student loans according to Student Loan Hero. In order to qualify for declaring student loan bankruptcy, it is important to prove "undue hardship" This hardship is oftentimes evaluated using the Brunner Test. You must prove that you;
·         Would not be able to maintain a standard of living if you had to pay back your student loans
·         The hardship would last for a large portion of the repayment period.
·         You have made an honest and recorded attempt of repaying your student loans before this point.
Although these options seem reasonable, Leslie H. Tayne Esq. of Tayne Law Group, PC  has explained "The reality is that unless you can show an extreme hardship where you will never work again and have attempted to pay back the loans and cannot, the likelihood is that bankruptcy won’t be an option. As a result, the general advice given is that student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.”

Overall, it is not recommended to file bankruptcy on student loans. The bankruptcy system itself has been written in such a way that it does not allow for many students who could prove their undue hardship circumstances to qualify and file for bankruptcy.

Unless there is a monumental change in the education system, it is unfortunately apparent that the student debt crisis is one that is here to stay for the next generation. Hopefully, we will one day soon be privy to a solution in which the cost of an education is not one that sends millions of American students thousands of dollars into debt before most of them have even legally had an alcoholic drink.

Until we hit that point, I, like many recently graduated American college students, will be doing my best to pretend that my loan repayments don't exist. Until the first of every month, in which m