Call for Papers for European Journal of Business and Social Sciences

European Journal of Business and Social Sciences (EJBSS) is an open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal published monthly having aims at promoting an interdisciplinary approach by covering a large range of merging ideas from business and social sciences. The objective of EJBSS is to become a leading Multidisciplinary Journal that provides an intellectual platform for scholars worldwide to share knowledge.

European Journal of Business and Social Sciences is interested in publishing research papers that provides sound and clear theoretical insights with practical implications for the business and societal wellbeing. EJBSS calls for papers on any business or social science topic that challenges the traditional wisdom of the readers. The topics may include a wide range of research areas, for examples, management, marketing, finance, economics, banking, accounting, human resources management, international business, tourism management, entrepreneurship development, business ethics, international relations, development studies, political science, education, journalism and mass communication, corporate governance, information management, public administration, psychology, sociology, women studies, religious studies and social welfare, and any other area that can fall under the scope of social science discipline.
We help researchers to get credit of their creative work by publishing their manuscripts. We also timely help them refine their work by providing them with comments and suggestions of expert reviewers before each and every publication.
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