Prevailing Idea of ‘‘Publish or Perish’’

Researchers continually strive to communicate their findings to peers, hoping to receive recognition for their contribution in a not-so-distant future. The prevailing idea of ‘‘publish or perish’’ becomes imperative when researchers are applying for competitive grants or academic promotions. Choosing a suitable journal has become an important issue as thousands of journals are available. One of the aspects considered by researchers is the journal’s indexation status.  

Depending on the research area, the information may be shared initially through conferences, although what truly acknowledges a researcher’s work are the citations received by the published manuscript.  In recent years, the internet has played an increasingly important role in increasing journal visibility through the use of websites. While some journals may form part of electronic collections such as SCIELO (scientific electronic library online) or be part of a collection of journals issued by a single publisher, others have their own websites.  Most of these websites display similar contents, such as early-view articles, current and previous issues, editorial boards, and scope of the journal, author guidelines, and indexing services. 

Generally, these websites perform frequent updates of the early-view articles allowing readers to preview accepted articles that are awaiting publication. ‘‘Current and previous issues’’ sections are updated according to a journal’s publication frequency. Other contents such as the scope of the journal, editorial board, author guidelines and indexing services are seldom updated. For a researcher interested in submitting manuscripts to a particular journal, attention is drawn to the abstracting and indexing services, not because of the potential increase in visibility and readership, but because the terms and conditions of research grant funding often takes these into account.   

Considering the existing competitive environment, these websites ought to maintain their quality and accuracy in order to increase their readership and visibility worldwide.  This study showed that regular updates are among the requirements that editorial teams must meet in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information posted on their journals’ websites.