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GIS Business with ISSN no. 1430-3663 is UGC Approved journal with J. no. 27917. Indexing and archives of GIS Business journal is at Journal Archives and Website of GIS Business is
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GIS Busines is multi-disciplinary journal for remote sensing, gis, earth sceinces, geology, geography, business, management, commerce, economics, urban planning, civil engineering, environmental sciences. Journal Webiste is
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GIS-Business Journal

GIS Business with ISSN no. 1430-3663) publishes a broad range of social science research and thinking on the interaction of natural resource ecology and management around the world and at multiple scales. Papers published in the journal go through a double-blind, peer review process and meet standards of contributing significantly to theory and/or transformative policies and practices, offering scholarly depth but broad appeal to our diverse readership. The mission of the journal is to conduct interdisciplinary research, instruction, and extension education to address the sustainable management and conservation of the fishery, forest, rangeland, and wildlife resources all over the world. The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:
Conservation Biology
Conservation Ethic
Conservation Movement
Deep Ecology
Earth Science
Ecology Movement
Environmental Movement
Environmental Organizations
Environmental Protection
Environmental Resources Management
Environmental Sociology
Global Warming
Habitat Conservation
Holistic Management
Natural Capital
Renewable Energy
Renewable Resource
Rural Sociology
Sustainable Agriculture
Environmental Justice
Community Resilience
Adaptive and Collaborative Management
Sustainability, Climate Change
Environmental Hazards and Risks
Human-Nature Relationships
Economics of Environmental Management
Transport and Fate of Pollutants in the Environment
Spill Prevention and Management
Remediation of Contaminated Sites
Process Modification for Pollution Prevention
Improved Energy Efficiency
Waste Treatment and Disposal