Main Criterion for Choosing Publication Services

Authors can consider us for publication of manuscript online due to variety of reason listed below:
UGC: Journals are UGC Approved. Please check Journal page for complete details

Transparent Submission: Authors can hassle free submit their manuscript online and received acknowledgement for their submission rapidly.

Paper Submission Process: Our Journals gives freedom to all authors to concentrate on research work rather than difficult submission process. Presence of large numbers of if’s and buts in paper submission process of other Journals require lots of effort of authors unnecessarily.
Paper Template: Our paper Template is Easy to use for author, and it is in single column format.
Track Your Paper: This helps authors to track their status of submitted research paper 24 X 7. Every paper submitted to Research Publish Journals given equal importance all the time.
Review Process: Research Publish Journals always try to make review process fair and fast. Time taken for review process is usually between 3 to 5 days.
Prestigious Editorial Board: Our editorial board have International Members having high academic achievement and strong knowledge base. It also has members like industrial consultants, Scientists, academicians whose primary aim is to improve the quality and innovation in the research work.
Open Access Journals: Open Access publication means that Manuscript published are available online 24 X 7 without any restriction to download for widest dissemination of scientific knowledge worldwide. Open Access articles of authors are most likely to be read and cited worldwide.
Publication Cost: Research Publish Journals always wants free articles but due to day to day expenses, salaries and preservation of research papers for long time, author has to pay small amount as publication fees.

Paper Published Certificate: Soft and Hard copy of certificate is provided to author on their request.
Visibility of Paper: We are trying to achieve high visibility of research paper by indexing Journals to well known websites and libraries across the word. Also hard copies of journals are sent to well renowned institutions, colleges and Laboratories worldwide to ensure high citation.
Acceptance: Prima facia we do not reject any paper. If manuscript submitted is not in Research Publish Journals format, then we advice authors to make it in Research Publish Journals format for considering. We only see the newness and high quality research work in manuscript.
Journals Scope: Some of the macro topics covered by our Journals are Mathematics, Healthcare Sciences, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Life sciences, Social sciences, and Interdisciplinary area.
Promote Research: Research Publish Journals provides financial support and assistance for developing high quality research work.