The Preparation Guide for MHTCET

Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test is a common entrance test conducted by the Government of Maharashtra for admissions into various engineering colleges in the country. This is one of the second-highest exams students take, and approximately 4.5 lakh students appear for this exam. The syllabus is based on the Maharashtra state board books and below is the complete guide to ace MHTCET.

Understanding the syllabus:

The syllabus plays a very important role in the preparation for any exam. MHTCET has its complete syllabus for every subject Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology on their website. The content of the syllabus is very well given in Maharashtra State Board (HSC) textbooks. The weightage of 11th standard is 20% and the weightage of 12th standard is 80%. Keeping this in mind preparation should be done. 
If you are in 11th standard and starting your preparation for MHTCET, then focus only on HSC textbooks and on clearing the concepts. 11th standard is all about clearing the concepts.

Which books should I follow for MHTCET?

Strictly follow HSC books- The standard books recommended by Maharashtra State Board. No questions outside these books are asked in the exam. So, a thorough knowledge of textbooks is very important. Solve each and every question from the textbook and keep revising it. 

For practice, you can solve Target publications or Arihant publications books. These books contain MCQs and they give you a fair practice of question.

"Solving previous year questions is must". This is the key factor that determines your scores. Many times exact question get repeated in the exam. I would rather say that, solve previous year questions than solving reference books.

What should be my approach towards preparation?

Firstly, concentrate on what is being taught in your classes and coaching. Make notes and focus on what is being told by the teacher. Many students do not concentrate in classes and then they get under pressure from the syllabus. If you start concentrating in the class, then half of your self-study gets completed there itself.

After coming back from coaching classes, open textbooks, and notes and start studying the chapter. After the chapter is finished, solve questions in the back of the exercise. After you have solves the HSC textbook then go for the previous year's question. This will be a major confidence booster. You will be able to solve major questions which will increase confidence and motivation. For more practice, solve from the reference books mentioned above.

"Revision is the key". Effective revision is a must. So try to keep revising the concepts every weekend. If you follow this, you will never forget what is taught.

Importance of Mock Tests

A mock test helps to give an idea about the paper pattern of the exam. MHTCET is all about managing time. The difficulty level of questions is not very high but all one needs is to be able to solve every question. It is about scoring a maximum number of questions to score high. 

One should give a mock test every two weeks in 11th standard. In 12th standard one should give a mock test every week. When the exam is one month away,  try to give a mock test every day. Mock test helps to give the feel of the exam and also we get a lot of practice. 

Analysis of mock tests is very important. After giving the mock test, analyze where you went wrong and make a list of topics where you made mistakes or were not able to recall concepts. Ask doubts to your teacher and learn concepts from him which you find hard to recall.

Making short notes

After understanding the chapter, summarize the whole chapter on one page. This is an efficient note-making skill. We know that chapters are not very lengthy in HSC textbooks so making short notes won't be that tough. After summarizing the whole chapter on one or two pages, maintain a proper file and keep it properly. These sheets come useful for revision before mock tests and exams. Memorizing becomes easy through such sheets.

A day before the exam

Keep revising the short notes which you have made throughout the preparation phase. Don't try to start studying a new topic as it won't  Keeping calm is very important. Meditate for at least 10 minutes in sets of two. Get healthy food and proper sleep. Studying a day before won't help much instead peace out and relax. 

While solving the paper 

The first half of the exam is for Physics and Chemistry. So start with the Chemistry section and mostly chemistry contains theory questions so finish chemistry in 40 minutes maximum. If you stretch out time then the blunder will happen. Utilize the remaining time for the physics section. If you get stuck with some question, keep it for review. Move onto the next question. Don't waste much time on one question.
The next 90 minutes are given to the Maths section. Maths carries maximum marks so scoring here maximum becomes very important. Don't invest more than 2 minutes on one question. Move to the next question if you get stuck with some other question. Some of the questions can be solved through option checking also.

These were the points that need to be considered for efficient preparation of the MHTCET exam. Every point applies to each subject. Remember, MHTCET is about scoring maximum marks. It tests your ability to solve questions correctly in the given time frame. Time management plays a very important role. This exam has no negative marking, so don't leave any questions. Mark some option even if you are not sure about the answer. 

All the Best!!