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Pen2Print is a registered trademark and entity of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd. 

Pen2Print Discussion Forum is a channel of communication among the readers and writers who are constantly penning good stuff that go to print or we discuss and analyse what has been printed and is in circulation. 
Pen2Print Discussion Forum is a forum for discussion on current affairs and news analysis. We seek to explore the available solutions to the old and persistent problems that our political system and society is facing. Making of News and Analysis of news events. Book, products, tourist places reviews for readers. 

Author Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Shashikant Nishant Sharma 

He a popular name in the world of Pen2Print Discussion Forum who has been consistently writing and guiding policy makers in the direction which can serve the best interest of the political system and society. He has authored many books and research papers and he is currently working as Editor in Journal for Studies in Management and Planning. He has been a driving force behind many start up ventures and NGO which is working in the field of development. 
He has been regularly teaching and writing on management, planning developmental issues . Being brought up in rural area, got educated in sub-urban area and now living in metropolitan city, Delhi, he has been able to gather a lot of experiences on diverse fields especially on political, cultural, socio-economic and environmental issues. 
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