Digital Strategy & Research

Strategy and Research – For every business type and every business size

‘Know your enemy, know yourself, and your victory will not be threatened. Know the terrain, know the weather, and your victory will be complete ‘– by Sun Tze
Any business idea that has grown to be a giant has passed through its seed stage. Strategies and ideas are evolving and with the emergence of technology, the ideas have got new dimensions.
For any business idea to grow, it requires proper and best on the table strategies and preliminary research which lays the foundation of the entire business concept. Despite the out of box thinking, planning and conceptualization of ideas, many businesses could not survive the competition and are swayed away by bigger forces that push them out of the market.

Here is the point where you require a proper strategy and research to sail through the storm.
Any Business strategy revolves around two major points
  1. Any Business-level strategies are intended to create differences between the firm’s positions relative to those of its rivals.
  2. To position itself, the firm must decide whether it intends to perform activities differently or to perform different activities as compared to its rivals.

When it comes to strategy formulation, UrsDigitally focuses on creating and sustaining competitive advantage. To achieve the same we follow the basic steps -
  • Overall Cost Leadership
    • Low-cost-position relative to a firm’s peers
    • Manage relationships throughout the entire value chain
  • Differentiation
    • Create products and/or services that are unique and valued
    • Non-price attributes for which customers will pay a premium
    • It can take any form like –
      • Prestige or brand image
      • Technology
      • Innovation
      • Features
      • Customer service
      • Dealer network
  • Focus Strategy
    • Narrow product lines, buyer segments, or targeted geographic markets
    • Attain advantages either through differentiation or cost leadership

Here is how we can help you
  • Concentrated Growth
  • Market Development
  • Product Development
  • Innovation
  • Cooperative Strategies
  • Merger and Acquisition Strategies
  • Unbundling and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Offensive Strategies
  • Defensive Strategies
  • First-Mover, Rapid-Follower, and Late-Mover Strategies
  • Strategies for Industry Leaders
  • Strategies for Runner-Up Firms
  • Turnaround

Here comes our Research Methodology

Research is the combination of two syllable “Re” and “Search”. “Re” is the prefix meaning ‘Again or over again or a new’ and “Search” is the latter meaning ‘to examine closely and carefully’ or ‘to test and try’.
Together they form, a careful, systematic, patient study and investigation in some field of knowledge undertaken to establish principles / policies.

To make it simple research means finding answers to questions crucial to understand many factors that help a new idea to be conceptualized, execution of the idea, competitive analysis of an existing farm and forecasting of the future business stand.

UrsDigitally follows the basic steps below which are followed religiously when a research is done –
  1. Understanding the nature of problem to be studied and identifying the related area of knowledge.
  2. Reviewing literature to understand how others have approached or dealt with the problem.
  3. Collecting data in an organized and controlled manner so as to arrive at valid decisions.
  4. Analyzing data appropriate to the problem.
  5. Drawing conclusions and making generalizations.

Here is how we help to achieve your goals through Strategy and Research
  • First level analysis of your business
  • Identification of your current market position
  • Understanding of your digital presence as modern business can’t do without it
  • Conducting Primary and secondary research
  • Formulation of business strategy
  • Submission of report