Publish with us



What genres do you accept?

We accept almost all genres apart from scientific or educational works.

Do we accept foreign language submissions?

We only accept submissions written in English. We do however accept submissions from all countries as long as they are written in English.

Do we need to double space?

Double spacing is not needed.

Is there a particular font and size I should use?

We do prefer to have all manuscripts written in Times New Roman, size 12.

How long does it take it hear back from us after submitting the manuscript?

It usually takes between 3-4 weeks to hear back from us. But this time scale can vary depending on how busy it is. Regardless of the outcome, we always respond.

Do you accept poetry?

We do indeed!

How to Submit manuscript for publication?

Send manuscript in word file to

When do we discuss rights, royalties, copies and covers?

Queries regarding royalties and rights will be answered by editorial team and accounts. The printed copies and cover questions will all be answered during the production stage.

Whom shall I contact during the submissions review process?

The submissions team will be looking over your book and deciding whether it would be a book we are willing to publish. We do often receive lots of emails asking for updates in our decision. Unfortunately, we can not hurry the review process. We do get back to every submission. Once you hear from us, you’re more than welcome to speak to the team member who has contacted you.

Do you accept submissions by post?

No we do not, so please do not post your manuscript to us. You can submit to us using our online submissions form or by emailing us at

Do I need an agent to send my manuscript?

No, you do not need an agent to submit to us. We treat authors and agents with the same respect.

Can I submit my manuscript again if I have been rejected once?

The work that was rejected can be submitted after one year – this is due to the ever-changing market. However, you’re more than welcome to submit a different piece of work to us.