Online Video Production


Since the advent of cinema, moving images have always been a source of awe and joy for the masses. There is an anecdote when the first ever film, by today’s terms i will be called a video, “Train arriving at a station” was shown to the audience, they were so shocked with the realism, that they actually believed that a train was gate-crashing their tent and they ran off, screaming. Well our love affair with moving images started way back then.
But with the advent of digital technology and the new media, the concept of videos has exploded into a highly effective viral medium, a medium which can wow the audience and still have a clear communications. Television commercials paved the path of glory for video marketing and digital just made it one of the most lucrative medium with a high rate of ROI.
Another factor that works for the video is its ability for going viral. Virality is the new buzzword in advertising. As the name suggest, if the content is lucrative and effective, the video will spread like a virus among the netizens till a point where the impact can be felt globally. Thus the impact of the communication is intrinsic in creating the viral ability of the video. 
So what makes a video click?
  • The emotions. Shock, awe, surprise, humour and satire, these are some of the emotions that can create that intrinsic audience connect.
  • The content is extremely important. Since the normal theory of TVC production doesn’t exactly work in the case of digital videos. It is a different beast altogether. The content needs to have that x-factor. Abstractions, surrealism and inter-textual tributes work wonders for a digital video.
  • The communication has to be crystal clear. The digital platform is now a jungle of content, all vying for attention. Thus the communication needs to be crisp, funny and to-the-point to make the video click.

How can UrsDigitally help you?
  • Our dedicated and crazy bunch of designers, editors and visualizers are well versed in contemporary trends. Thus with that knowledge and the inherent madness, we can create videos that has both the advertising and viral quality.
  • We can also design and create instructional videos, corporate documentaries and audio-visuals, TVCs, GIFs and any other latest platforms with elan.
  • We are also an effective animation studio with experience in stop-motion and other animations.
  • We are dedicated advertising and design agency with a vast experience in the digital medium. We understand the need and theory of virality.
  • We can optimally represent your brand identity and also create one, through our videos, which has comprehensive market research, extensive ideation and creation behind it.
We can weave magic for you, after all videos are still magical.