Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – Getting found on search engines

There are clients we have managed so far for whom the search engine marketing (SEO) or getting found in the first page of Google search was a dream once.
Of course the rankings from search engine marketing (SEO) cannot be guaranteed over a couple of months but the results from SEO start showing after 3 to 4 months of search engine optimization and this is guaranteed. Still you might have a question that how to retain that ranking if at all you rank there in the first page of search engines.
The answer is simple but of course it is like Goggle or other search engines reading your mind. Now when we say reading your minds, we mean you have to make Google or other search engines understood what you are trying to convey it through your digital or content strategy.
So here, where SEO experts or agencies that are in real sense good in doing SEO hit the iron right. They understand it right that SEO is not just content or playing with keywords alone. There are several other factors that has to be counted –
In addition to country and keywords there are several other factors that affect search rankings –
  • Relevant content – Appropriate topics, images and videos as well as keywords that reference similar terms.
  • Site architecture – short loading times, well maintained Meta titles and descriptions, up to date content and considerable amount of internal links.
  • Social signals and user behavior like time on site and bounce rate etc.
The above are much generalized methods that almost all the good SEO experts or companies would follow. But the list is not exhaustive. Let us show you how Pen2Print does it.
Pen2Print breaks the SEO myth – Our way of doing it, out of the box thinking.

To say SEO has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade. We are tired of seeing multiple updates from Google like Google’s Panda or Penguin or Hummingbird updates. In fact over the years SEO has changed such that even many SEO expert and companies are not aware of what actually outdated or what will actually move the needle. Below are few myths of SEO that we have noticed so far and have worked on it which has always helped us to grab the first page in search results for our clients.
  • You need not submit your website to Google for ranking
  • We have found more content is better than more links
  • Having a secure HTTPS encrypted site is always helpful for SEO
  • SEO is not always about ranking. What matters is whether you appear for what people are looking for
  • Meta descriptions do not necessarily have a huge impact on search rankings
  • Keyword optimization is not the only key to SEO
  • Keywords need not be an exact match for rankings in search engines
  • The H1 is not the most important element of on page ranking
  • Your homepage need not have a lot of content
  • A page filled with content only is not the solution – Quality is more important than quantity
  • Good user experience is a requirement for Good SEO
  • Doing Local SEO matters a lot
  • Image optimization is a crucial factor for SEO
  • Google’s answer box spot has huge impact on SEO
  • Mobile optimized site are equally important for SEO

Here is what we offer to help you get found on the first page of Search results
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Quick SEO for short term returns like local SEO that can bring you fast returns
  • Getting your site ready for SEO – This is recommended for business who needs to build an initial building block for their website so that they can maintain it by own
  • SEO for Big Returns – A retainer ship model where considerable results are seen after a period of 3 – 4 months and the process continuous for multiple keywords.