Search Marketing

Search Marketing – Be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo with Us

No doubt SEO is the most cost effective and long term technique for driving customers to your business through online search.
There are thousands of SEO tools and techniques available in the market to help you rank in Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Now the question, SEO is not for every business. Also the rankings from SEO cannot be guaranteed over a couple of months. The results from SEO start showing after 3 to 4 months of search engine optimization. Although 90 % of online experience starts with search marketing, most of the businesses struggle to rank in the search engines.
Hence for business that needs immediate results it’s better to go for search marketing.
There are over 100 billion global searches being conducted each month, but how do different industries compare?  Here is a list of few –
  • Travel is the most search dependent industry with a global traffic share of 46.74 %.
  • Shopping come in second with 37.22 %
  • Finance is the least dependent industry with only 24.77 %
  • Also in India paid search is responsible for 20 % of all search traffic to shopping websites
Before you start with search marketing, you must know that although organic reach is considered a priority, paid promotion should not be discounted.

Here is how we help to achieve your goals through Search marketing
  • First level analysis of your business
  • Identification of your current online presence
  • Identification of keywords relevant to your business
  • Selecting the most appropriate ad type for your business (PPC, Social Media Ads, Display Marketing , Retargeting and Remarketing, video marketing, product marketing)
  • Suggesting an appropriate budget for the ad campaign  
  • Organize the channel for an audience that fits your business
  • Targeting the channel to the audience selected