Social Media Marketing

Get your business the best of Social Media ROI

As one of the fastest growing social media marketing agency in India we optimize your social media strategy to generate leads, or create awareness for your products / services. Our services are designed in a way that you gain full control of the entire process as our team work alongside you to strategize and execute the steps. Though we are not a boasting type, but we can guarantee that our full proof social media marketing services will help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

We Invest TIME to Understand Your Brand

To start with, our account planning team performs an in-depth research about your brand, identifying its strength and weaknesses, market position and reviews, at the initial stage. Thorough data analysis allows us to choose the apt voice and tone to market your products / services on social media. Like, for a leading footwear brand, our team did a thorough market research while it was attempting to create some digital footprints. Our 3-year long social media campaign made it a familiar name among the target consumers.

We Are Story Tellers of the Creative Kind

We work at reflecting the brand ethos and assets through constantly engaging creative posts on social media. While most agencies rely on too much of self indulging posts, we love to create stories that connect emotionally with your target audience, resulting in higher social engagement. We promise you delivering high brand recall through creative storytelling and persuasive interactions. From the trending motion graphics to short social videos, we create a compelling story for your brand using the perceived brand personality (voice and tone). 

Organic is almost dead, We Manage Millions of Rupees in Paid ADs

As a digital marketing agency, We manage hundreds of AD accounts for our clients, and run several millions of rupees in different kinds of ADS – from remarketing to brand recall ads. Every social media network now has turned into an advertising platform with each having its core strength. Brands, specially the small and medium sizes, need to spend money to reach out to its desired TG. The quality and relevance of your content will determine the outcome. For example, an ad with generic content will draw higher Cost Per Click resulting in lesser reach, while a highly contextual unit will fetch much lower CPC. Putting our expertise into work we create such compelling social paid ad-s that successfully tap the target users.

We Focus on Building Valuable Content With Rich Visualization Skills

Social media marketing thrives on highly relevant content that strikes a perfect balance between words and visual. With our exclusive ideation and sharp content marketing skills, we develop rich and fruitful content according to the nuances of different social channels, brand specifics, and its target audience.
An in-house campaign celebrating Durga Puja, conceptualized and produced as a side project by our creative gang, spirit turned out to be exceedingly viral on Facebook, due to its humorous visualization technique and carefully chosen hilarious content.

Let Us Summarize our social media strategy

  • We invest time to research and understand your brand – personality (internal and perceived), strength and weakness, vision, short term and long term goals, and the target audience (consumers).
  • Based on the research findings, Our social media marketing team creates a customized global or local social media strategy for your business – by determining the USPs and mapping them with the goals you have.
  • We create valuable content that is relevant and emotionally engaging for the target audience
  • We create strong calls-to-action for the viewers and capture user responses
  • We dig into the social data, analyze them, and present you with a comprehensive report so that you know what exactly is working or not working.
  • Based on the campaign report and your feedback, we reiterate, revise, and continue the momentum.