National Zoological Park of Delhi-“Human Jungle”

The main objective of the National Zoological Park is to complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of the rich biodiversity of the country, particularly the wild fauna.
National Zoological Park Delhi
National Zoological Park Delhi

National Zoological Park- Then and Now

The Indian Board for Wildlife felt in the year 1952 to have a zoo in the national capital of the country to provide recreation to people at large. Accordingly, an ad-hoc committee of some prominent nature lovers of Delhi, including Smt. Indira Gandhi, was constituted under the Chairmanship of Chief Commissioner to formulate a proposal for establishment of Zoological Park for Delhi. Mr M.E.F.Bowring Welsh, of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was appointed as its Secretary.  It was also decided that the Central Government will develop the park and hand it over in running condition to the Delhi Government since wildlife was managed by Forest Department of the Delhi Government.

This is one of the place which I visited and felt that is short of the expectations. You will find more people roaming in the zoo than animals in the zoo.
You will rarely spot some unique animal or bird in the zoo.
It is just a waste of time for adults and old.
Young kids can enjoy some fun here.
I won't recommend foreign tourist to visit this Zoological Park of Delhi rather seek some other places and I am sure you will enjoy more in Delhi than any other Indian town.