Renewable Energy is the Real Salvation of Mankind

The sustenance of human on the Earth depends on the availability of food and energy resources. The commendable works undertaken through Global investment in clean energy which recently climbed to a record $250 billion last year is a clear indication that we are moving in right direction. International Solar Energy Society is going a great job in promoting the use of non-conventional sources of energy and trying to bring consensus between different governments for adoption and technology transfer between the member countries to achieve accelerated attainment of energy from the renewable sources.
Renewable Energy

There are still large untapped potential of renewable energy in the world to fulfill the energy need of the world for centuries to come. The tapping of this immense source of energy need international collaboration and technology transfer from the developed countries to the developing and the under developed countries of the world who are mostly consuming the remaining non-renewable conventional sources of energy which are not only fast depleting but also leading to pollution of various types. 

There are vast potential in the solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy and waste to energy sectors which can be tapped for the benefit of all. The recent announcement of collaboration of Nepal, Bangladesh and India in developing the hydropower potential is one of such example which if successfully executed will act as a driving force for economic growth of the region falling under the river system of Ganga and Brahmaputra.

The western countries are using waste to energy project successfully and they can share their expertise with the other partners who are willing to develop such technologies can go a long way in solving not only the problem of energy but also the problem of pollution caused by such wastes.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Urban Planner and Consultant