Sense of People First

Sense of People First
The field of physical planning is multi-disciplined and to plan better for enhanced living condition for the human beings, planners need to keep in mind a number of planning guidelines and development parameters. There are many theories that guide the planning process and many techniques to achieve the objectives of the planning.
It has been practice of most of the planner to plan when some government agency wish to achieve some objectives after diagnosing the socio-economic and spatial character of the city and then prescribing the remedies. In western world, planners are now getting people centric and now they are not planning for people but planning with people. Who can know his problems better the person himself. The residents well know what their problems are and probably some of them know the solution but could not do anything due to various reasons. Planners have to become the engine of change and voice of the people so that the people can live in a city which is planned, developed and maintained by themselves.  Delhi government has initiated ‘Bhagidaari Scheme to make citizens a partner in the maintenance of city. The Local Area Plan preparation is an ambitious programme to make plan keeping in view the ground realities and with due citizen participation by the elected local bodies but the plan is not evolving the way it should evolve. Planners must have a global thinking and outlook but he must plan according to the need of the local people with their participation to enhance their sense of acceptance and integration of their views in the planning and development of the area in which they reside.
By Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Urban Planner and Consultant
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