Global Regime and Co-existence on Planet Earth

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Refugees and illegal migrants reaching border of Macedonia from Greece August 2015 Refugees and illegal migrants reaching border of Macedonia from Greece August 2015[/caption]
This is one of the unfortunate phase of the human history, when our government is not globally responsible. When the human race will consider planet Earth as one homeland for entire human race. Universal governance through UN should be more proactive and this can be done if the good and responsible governments like India, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, etc has greater role in the democratic decision making at UN. UN seems to be ruled by USA, China and Russia only.
Remove the system of single member veto power and make simple majority of the members a criteria for veto to initiate or discontinue Global United campaign.
The reforms in UN and due containing of unilateral powers of USA will save this world from more crisis of resources and humanity.
Why countries don't share the technical know how which are for the good of humanity and Earth? Why not all technical innovations be made open source to promote enriching and further development than repetitive work done by different counties and thus wasting natural and human resources for doing things which can be done better by such technical innovations.
Global regime of economic activities and humane approach for the co-existence will save our planet and civilization from going from bad to worse and then finally ending of the civilization not through ICE AGE by through the human follies.
-Shashikant Nishant Sharma