I Woke Up and World Changed

Piyush Jain

I woke up in my shorts,
I saw I was wearing one.
And I was happy.
I got out, heard the clatter.
They were shouting again.
‘Do this, Do that’, ‘Talk, shout, earn, do well’
‘at least wear your pants again’
I was ashamed.
Then came the dream, I escaped
The noise, the din which was there,
I never found it there.
Ha ha ha,
“They are elders, show some respect..
Touch their feets, good will come of that.”
I did, I did, I touched their feet.
Got their blessings, but never blessed I felt.
They could not even speak allright..
Before I even finished the thought, I looked for that blessed night,
Where did that blessed sleep go? Looking for it again..
In the kitchen mother worked,
Worked so hard, worked all day,
She did the lunch and dinner and breakfast
And occasional bread and snacks..
You are so lucky when people said,
I managed to stop ‘nd take a deep breath,
For my face was red and the hands clasped.
Then came the dream, I escaped
The dream, I saw, I visualised,
Lear, with his building wall..
Morning, evening, day and night
With no passion, only fear..
They laughed at me again and again,
“Sleepy dreamy mongrel,
Are you in your bed again?”
Neither smiled I neither gave a cry,
Blessed in my sleep was I.