Irresponsible Officials in Government Departments

The lack of coordination and sense of responsibility is the key reason of non-performance of duties by government officials. This is the case in almost all department. Official feel themselves as the official and not as the public servant and hence they behave in a unworthy manner.
Irresponsible Officials in Government Departments

There should be strong action against the derelicts which can be ensured through the strong regulatory network like Lokayukta and Lokpal at higher levels and vigilance and crime detective department at lower levels.

The right to service and citizen charter issued by different government will go a long way in ensuring the time bound service delivery when it will be enforced through the willingness of the officials or the strict provision of compensation and penalty is charged from the erring official and department.
There should be fast trail judgement and official will have to be penalised in time of non deliverance of the enlisted services in the time bound manner. When there is natural causes like government holidays or in case of of natural calamity  only then the officers can be exempted from paying penalty otherwise no other excuse will be allowed.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma