System of Governance and Corruption

The system of governance is the key deciding factor of the prevalence of the corruption.
 This may sound cynical but it is true to a great extend if we research on this. Here, I will not provide you any research data but a number of logical reasoning which will substantiate the above statement to a great extent.
System of Governance and Corruption

Corruption in any form of government system is well known but the corruption in democratic set up is more vivid due to its nature of being more open to public scrutiny and media audit. India has witnessed a surge in the level of corruption in recent years. This has led to many debate and discussion regarding the relationship between the political system and level of corruption.

I think, whether it is one party system of governance or multi-party governance system with a single party enjoying majority in the house of people, the level of corruption is minimum as the party leaders can easily control and command the cabinet of ministries. The efficient leadership can ensure stable and effective government for the people of the nation. The corruption is at minimum level because the Prime Minister can ensure the implementation of strong and effective policy measures to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the government in expectation of future political gains.

The increasing political parties sharing the power will give rise to incidences of petty corruptions and institutionalization of corruption in administration to sustain the greed of the vying political party members. Every political party participating in the government formation will demand the ministries which they think are lucrative in nature i.e., where there is more scope for making money. The members of the political parties forming government are not sure of coming to power in next general election and hence they will try to eke out maximum gains from the political position that they enjoy now. Many politicians can console themselves that they have spent crores of rupees in contenting election and now it’s their turn to compensate the loss and ensure enough money for next election.
By Shashikant Nishant Sharma