Why this Inaction against Infiltrating Chinese Troops

This is in the context of the fresh trespassing of Chinese Troops across the India Border whether willingly or by mistake is not yet confirmed from the Chinese side.
What were our defence forces doing with spy drones earlier? Were they on sleep mode? These weapons are good when they are used otherwise junk. Why our army failed to notice them and take punitive action before the matter got political.
Indian Army and India

Spineless corrupt government have over past decade turned a blind eyes to chinese buildup at the border. If that was not enough, it played an instrumental role in ensuring that the Monarchy ends in Nepal and pro-China government takes control of Nepal. Soon Gurkha regiments - which has played a pivotal role in defending our bordrs will be no more. Further the potentail border area to defend will increase manifold. What was government doing - They were busy negotiating commisions in arms deal. Whats next - the spineless government will continue to appease China - even at the cost of the nation. After all they have worked very hard to make their millions billions.. Why would they risk getting it destroyed. Nothing new in whats happening. We are paying for the wrong decisions taken by earlier government and non-settlement of border issues in due time.

India must change this attitude to give assignment to non specialists on top and important posts. Its era of super specialization so such arch serious matter must be dealt by super specialist in field of defence, who knows what is defence and how to defence. Our general should not ask advice of Menon. Likewise- our PM declared that it’s localized problem. Congress party has no time to spare for nation as they are busy in scams and loots as its last days and months for them to lot our country.
Indians always wake up late when it comes to defending national border. What were they doing for last 20 years ? Just waiting / sleeping / being careless. With this attitude, is it any wonder that India is in such a sorry state today ? India needs tough, selfless leaders at the top, the current leadership is just not working for last 60 years, so its time for a radical change before it is too late.

The centuries of carefully cultivated image of non violent and peaceful India is proving to be India's nemesis. What we are seeing today is continuation of same policy but this policy has always been and will prove to be failure when India have neighbours like Pakistan and China .Almost all of invasions to India came from Afghanistan side and they stopped only When Sikh King Maharaja Ranjit Singh took fight to them and completely annihilated them . Until and unless we change our policy of being over defensive such incursions or incidents with China and Pakistan will continue . Its not necessary we turn aggressive like them but we can defend India more aggressive so that any country will have to think twice to even think of acting aggressively with India or its citizens.

Our lives are threatened today. The government has displayed its total inability in handling border issues. In guarding the border we cannot act as 'Mahatma' against the 'FOX" around us.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma