Be Wise in Choosing the Next PM of India

In Indian politics, there is heated debate on who would or should be the next Prime Minister (PM) of India. If we analyse the present leaders who are in the race of the PM then we can surely get some hint on who is more suitable. Who do you want to be the next PM? The rubber stamp of Sonia, or the inexperienced Rahul Gandhi, or the so-called secular man and power crazy Nitish Kumar, or inexperienced Arvind Kejriwal? Grow up! We are not living in wonderland! This nation is facing a lot of external threats - mainly from China. Who do you honestly think will be able to deal with the external threats from the Chinese at this point of time? Which leader do you think China will take seriously? The answer is obvious. Only Narendra Modi and BJP will be able to take on the Chinese and protect Indian interests. I am sure Arvind Kejriwal's time as PM will come one day, but not at this point of time. Arvind Kejriwal has just started his party - he needs to build grassroots support first before even thinking of forming a government in the future.
Prime minister of india

But one thing I really don't like about  MR. MODI who thinks that Gujrati community is India or Indians in USA but Gujrat is a province of India and Gujratis are citizen of India like the remaining Indians. But Modi's effect is clear outside Gujarat by his speeches in Karnataka. He is a shameless person without respect for the PM and President of India by abusing them. The progress India made during the past decade is clear when most world was going down India made progress and it is clear that Mr. Modi does not see. He often behaves like a state leader but not the National leader.
He has done enough to gain trust & respect from every citizen of India. He does not need to do anything special for muslims. If muslims want to live in a better India, they will vote for Modi. The ones who believe in conspiracy theories will continue to do so and will be against him always no matter what. If there are dumb people in India who still vote for Rahul Gandhi despite having no achievements of his own, there will be dumb people who will continue to vote for him. The average IQ of a poor Indian is still pretty low unfortunately. This is evident from indifference of the media and public against Congress which has plundered our country in last few years more than ever.
Jai Hind!
Shashikant Nishant Sharma