Election Result of Pakistan 2013

The election results of Pakistan has revealed that people of Pakistan has pledge for peace and democracy. the biggest challenges confronts the Pakistan are terrorism and poverty. People of Paksitan would like to see Pakistan as economically developed nation. India also should revisit to renew the contour of the relationship as it was in the previous term of Nawaz.
For India, a modernised, truly democratic Pakistan would be the best option but the writing on the wall indicates otherwise. The increasing radicalisation in Pakistani society is a fact - borne out by successive surveys from Pew Research Centre over the years, including its latest survey of 38000 Muslims in 39 countries. 84% of Pakistanis polled support Sharia law! That is a shocking and disturbing figure and not something to be brushed aside. Despite all the celebration now, it is doubtful if Nawaz Sharif will be able to complete his term. Why is the Indian media going all rah-rah when this is one country that we, and indeed the world, should be very very careful about?
Hope this turns to be a major face-lift for the whole of pakistan which has been a center of turmoil. The recent days has been a whole of a nightmare for the whole of the sub-continent and to be precise for the whole of the world. The epi-center of terrorism is of major concern. The new government for the god sake must make it a habit of doing something good for the good of pakistan, that will serve better for the whole of humanity. As for the indian sub-continent is concerned, it is an up-heal process for the whole. The minor center of concern is of stability and the freedom of the new government that will be headed by Mian Nawaz Sharif, as the military is a major block in the daily chore doing freedom of the democratically elected government, as the recent days have shown the pages to the world. As far as work is concerned it is a matter of time before the military heads and dictates terms to the newly elected government under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. All must wait.