Misuse of Section 66 of the IT Act

Every citizen of India, under Article 19 of Constitution,has the right to express his views,opinions,belief and convictions freely by word of mouth, writing, printing, picturing or in any other manner.Furthermore, the Constitution also empowered the state to impose reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the freedom of speech and expression on the grounds of sovereignty and integrity of India, security of the state,friendly relations with foreign states, public order,decency or morality,contempt of court,defamation and incitement to an offence. 
section 66a of it act

Section 66 of the IT act has been used to harass, arrest people in the name of "stopping people from spreading hate". Under the guise, politicians of any stature from MLC's to cabinet ministers hound their opponents, have them jailed, and subject them to undue mental torture. In short - this section is used to stifle free speech and ensure that the status quo is maintained. 
It is a shame that the largest vibrant democracy has a provision to make sure that corrupt and criminal elements in power, can stay safe, without words of their misdeeds being spread on the internet. Kapil Sibal could not care less about human rights or free speech because he is one of the most powerful people in India. This law needs to be challenged, and this section removed. Until we do so, many more like Jaya Vindhyala will go to jail for simply saying what is right and true. That, to me, is not the way a true democracy works.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma