New Dimension of India and Pakistan Relationship

Pakistan will gain everything if it engages India in a civilised manner and when that happens all issues can be sorted out. Neither China nor USA can help u or us, when we realise the same, things can be great. That is what your Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan realised and know well, hence their determination to have normal relations with India. But factor is whether your Pakistan army and ISI will allow the same to happen and then there are the numerous jihadi parties who will be hell bent on torpedoing anything good that may result.
India Pakistan relations

The increasing spending on the defence by both the countries is going to serve no purpose. We already have enough arsenal for countering foreign aggression. There is no need of enhanced defence spending if we are ready to engage in healthy dialogue to sort out the pending issues. That means based on territory, population & borders area to protect, Pakistan will have to  spend 5-6 times more than India on defence budget. At the end of the day, Pakistani ordinary civilians need to pay that taxes, money has to come from Civilians pocket.

The time has come to enhance the people to people contact and multi-level dialogues to resolve the impending issues of terrorism and bottlenecks in trade ties.
By Shashikant Nishant Sharma