Oppression of Press in Bengal

Oppression of Press in Bengal
The repressive orders issued in West Bengal to use newspapers selectively is clear violation of free expression of independent thought and the violation and repression of the right of public libraries to provide all sorts of information so that public is in a position to judge on their on the action and inaction right or wrong. It is really a shocking information that the school textbooks have been rewritten to remove the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels because Ms. Banerjee has so decreed. The recent action against some of the defiant and lampooning persons in West Bengal is by no mean justified. The democratic forces should come forward to take action so that the things do not go from bad to worse. The Central Government being a coalition government running on her Party's support is unable to take required action but the public should not remain silent. The intelligentsia and the other political and social forces should come forward to halt irrational and irrelevant order
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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