Syrian Crisis and Role of USA

The US and Israel are the biggest arms exporters in the world, so everything is going on per their plan. First make sure that conflict prolong and then supply weapons so that arms industry don’t get shut down in the event of complete disarmament called by the Non-Aligned Movement. There are few countries who understand the policies of USA which is neo-imperialist  in nature whatever they might call it. The regime of Syria is reluctant to reconciliate and the rebels are supported by the West to ensure government which will heed to their dictat. But who will be the face the ultimate consequences of the prolonged war? The poor and needy people in Syria!
This is what U S and Zionist who created Israel have been doing around the world since World war 2, First they start funding and arming the rival country . Then they come in as your friend and trading partner. Then they slowly take over the media of your country to hype up the rivalry and threat from the rival country. Then they slowly take over the banks of the country. Then they begin funding the politicians of their choice, so the government is now their puppet. Then they slowly flood the economy with easy loans. The prices of everything start going through the roof and everyone is forced to take a loan. People borrow money and buy things that they don’t really own, but temporarily feel good that they have more than their parents did. Then they start slowly financially enslaving the country through predatory and deceptive interest rate hikes. Then they create extreme provocative conditions that your rival country carries out an attack on your country, or the US and the Zionist themselves orchestrate a false flag attack on your country Your country is dragged to war. The US comes to your aid, sets up a military base in your country. Now they have direct control of all your natural resources Your country is now their permanent colony. They can now keep sucking the wealth out of your country and work out of your financially enslaved workforce forever.
 If it is that necessary then US should move the troops rather than sending arms to rebels . It does not matter how the rat gets killed . US is making the mistake during the Russian invasion in Afghanistan where they armed Pakistani terrorist which created lot of trouble in Indian subcontinent. If US want to do this they should have done this two years earlier now the intention will be doubted ... as already 80000 -100000 people have lost their lives Also that is localised problem let them solve their own problem .. why US should spend money for other countries .. it is the money lost .. also even by having friendly government will not help long as seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best way is to be friend whatever the government ascends to power in any country .. it should business rather than politics.
Sen Bob Corker is in effect telling us that the U.S has extraordinary ability to distinguish the good rebels from the bad ones in the Syrian civil war mess and arm only the good ones to pull down Bashar Assad.The capacity of the U.S for self deception is,of course, infinite.But it should not expect to fool the rest of the world too.The triumph of the Al Qaeda affiliate the Al Nusra Front is assured in Syria in case of the departure of Assad. Possibly, the U.S does not mind this outcome because the victory of the Sunni extremist outfit will please the Sunni sponsors of the Syrian civil war Saudi Arabia and Qatar,the U.S allies in this nefarious adventure.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma