Universal Design to Ensure Equitable Society

Abstract— This paper on universal design is intended to bring out the relation between the concept of the universal design and social equity. The principles of the universal design can be fine tuned with some efforts, we as architects, planners, civil engineers and product designers can make this world a better place to live not only for those who are healthy and wealthy, but all those who are disadvantaged in some manner like children, elderly, differently abled-person, pregnant women and medically unfit persons. 

Universal Design
This paper had tried to present the concepts, definitions and principles of universal design in a consolidated manner which forms the base for the study of the role of universal design in social equity. This paper also explores how the universal design and the legal framework for equality are interrelated and interconnected. The legal and moral guidelines often act as a torch for Professionals who are involved and build environment design to act judiciously. The paper presents some instances of design which has been meeting the mandates of the universal design and authors seek to create an increased awareness among professionals to be conscious of the needs of the different categories of users. The paper finally concludes with findings and recommendations which can guide the future course of development in the field of universal design.