Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal: Third Front Government

 Arvind Kejriwal: Third Front Government
In India, there is no dearth of talent and good people who can contribute in a far better and more effective manner but they don’t and the simple reason being the fear of getting smeared in the mire of malpractices and corruption. The fate of a society is not decided by the action of the people with power who do the unjust and unworthy things but due to the inaction of the people capable of providing a better alternative.
The split in the team Anna is a good example to showcase how the good intentions meet a bad fate. I can’t say with certainty but there is little scope of doubt that the new party of Arvind Kejriwal is the materialization of the aspirations of the common man of India who is fed up with the policy of sharing the apple pie of political gains by major political parties of the time. The is policy of five year planning for people and five year unhindered reaping of the harvest of the political farming undertaken by the rich politicians on the soil of poor peasants and common man.
How long we will be waiting for time to change? It is in our hands how and when we change the fate of Mother India. It is we who can bring the change not by casting our votes during the election but by promoting and supporting good people and their sincere endeavours. How can you chose the best option from the corrupted political elites, no matter which party a leader belongs he will ultimately act in the manner and decorum prescribed by the party politics. We, the intelligentsia of India, must look forward for a better alternative amongst us and not from those who have taste the blood of corruption no matter in what forms it may be. Media has a short term memory and it need spices in the news no matter from where it comes. You must have forgotten the million dollar Bofors deal, the Common Wealth Games misappropriation, 2-G scam and I hope you will soon forget the Coal Block allocation scam. The list of scams and corruptions are endless and these are some of the scams which I have tracked over a long time and there is no political flavor to it. I can enumerate older scams and cases of corruption done by other political parties.
How can we forget who think for the welfare of society and nation. The whole idea behind this article is to make you think twice before you vote and think many times before you chose the candidate. But don’t forget to create a right alternative than to choose the bad from the list of worst alternatives.
Jai Hind…!
Shashikant Nishant Sharma