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Coping with Disaster

Coping with Disaster

I think that Tamil Nadu government has done a remarkable job by initiating the construction of one lakh concrete houses for disaster ravaged areas with investment of on thousand crore. State government and Central Government no exception had made many promises for reconstruction in disaster affected areas and forgot or built houses which can't sustain next unforeseen fury of nature. Investment should made which can give assured return in future. Other states should think how they can avert disaster through comprehensive planning. In case of Bihar, state can think of connecting Kosi (The Sorrow of Bihar) with other rivers than wasting money every year on providing services and rescuing flood prone people from a large tract of land.There is always a option for bettering the existing condition but it need strong political commitment to act on an idea whose time has come and history remembers those who take initiative not those keep the status quo.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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