Innovations and Incentives for Green Energy

Good Initiative by Government of Tamil Nadu

The innovative steps taken by the Tamil Nadu government in promoting green energy is noteworthy and this must be replicated throughout the country so as to become self dependent in the matter of energy in coming years. Prizes to students who had done commendable job in creating awareness about green energy. The incentive like household opting for tapping solar energy would be given a grant of Rs 2 per unit and the same would be deducted from their electricity bill is really a step in right direction.
Hope government of India will also make sure that other states adopt such incentives in promoting green energy in their states as well. But this need a lot of determination and willingness to adopt and enact the innovation in the planning and management of natural resources in the best interest of the nation. There should be awareness campaign in all the schools and colleges and more importantly there should be timely and periodic review of the government departments dealing in the use and utilisation of natural resources to assess their mechanism of implementation of the energy efficient and environment friendly approaches in their dealings.
The national fund for innovation was thought of in the recent planning commission deliberations but there is no any signal of materialisation of the concept into real and forceful incentive to promote innovation at various levels. 

Way Foreward for Other Governments

Have you ever heard about ‘Jugar’? It tis the innovative use of the old motors and engines of two wheelers in making cart for carrying goods and people in rural areas of Haryana and UP which is now spreading to other parts of the country like Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.
You can find many more such innovations and they need such financial support so that they can improved and replicated in more widespread manner.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma