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Model Code of Conduct of Election Commition

Model Code of Conduct of Election Commition

There is genuine apprehension that the UPA's suggest move to give statutory status to Model Code of Conduct of the Election Commission will done more harms than benefits. I think our election commission is one of the successful venture of the governance in India. It has been doing its job really in a praiseworthy manner during last few Nation and State Elections. As suggested by the author the success of EC lies in its power to deploy suasion during the election which may not be possible through the mechanism of legal interventions which takes undoubtedly long time. It will be better if government is so desirous then it should look into matters like deciding a minimum qualification for the candidates as there is no dearth of people of intellect who are willing to enter politics but there is no such incentives.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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