Smoulders of Casteism in Bihar

Smoulders of Casteism in Bihar
The acquittal of 23 people convicted by a lower court in the gruesome Bathani Tola massacre case is a shocking indication of the failure of the country's criminal justice system. The carnage of a group of 21 Dalits and Muslims, most of them women and children, by the notorious caste militia group took place in Bihar's Bhojpur district in 1996 in broad daylight. This is the case of not only justice delayed but also justice denied. The media coverage is so that very few come to know about such incideces. You will be shocked to know that there is a strong nexus between the administrative and the judiciary wing of the governance in Bihar. Bihar has the maximum number of cases pending in courts than any other states. The top ranking administratice and judicial posts are occupied by upper castes and it get reflected time and again. Caste system is a fact and it cannot be denied. The case can be seen as and outcome of casteism and its widespread presence in Bihar.
One could hadly imagine that such a decision will come when the popular and rational leader like CM Nitish Kumar is ruling with great support of people barring caste and communal lines. The governemnt should relook in the decision and justice must be done to keep people's faith in the good governance initiated and steered by Nitish Kumar after around five decades of misrule in Bihar.
Sri Laloo Prasad yadav's regime had tried to bring social equality and now the need of hour is for economic prosperity and justice which lies on the experienced shoulders of Sri Nitish Kumar, popular Chief Minister of Bihar. The smoulders of the castism should not ignite the wild fire of caste based naxalism.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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