World Hunger Day 28th May

The 28th of May is observed as "World Hunger Day," to think and contemplate the steps needed for eradication of hunger and poverty from the world. We think over the measures wow to deal with chronic hunger.India boast of  bumper crops, number crunching, technologies for profit, markets, and growth rates.But the real solution for hunger lies in proper distribution of grain, and selective adaption and adoption of  technology.If this government cannot prevent the huge stocks from rotting by distributing food grain adequately and equitably. 
This might be due to lack of proper storage facilities and inefficient distribution and collection system. The staff engaged in such ventures are not properly sensitized and have limited power to execute such functions as required for timely disposal and distribution.
The introduction of new technologies and genetically modified seeds has surely lead to increased productivity and availability of major food grains and other edibles throughout the year. Still the hunger is something which seems to be not ready to leave the soils of India even after 65 years of Independence.
The time has come when the policy planners and the administrator of the nation should come forward  to decide the right course of action. The shifting of responsibility from one shoulders to another won't solve the problem unless and until we sit together and not only think together but also take proper and effective time-bound action to solve the issue of hunger and poverty.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd