An Automated Green wall Management System

Anita Devi¹
Electronics and communication engineering Department,
MVN University, Haryana, India
Dr Rajeev Ratan²
Associate Professor, ECE Department
MVN University, Haryana, India
Mr Alok Shrivastav3
Assistant Professor, ECE Department
MVN University, Haryana, India
Automated Green wall Management System

The main purpose of our work is to develop a system that automatically monitors and modifies environment parameters of plants, grown vertically, at particular angle in man-made stable eco system attached to walls of building. The designed system is fully sensor based and that can control everything without the human interference. Monitoring and control of various factors for plant growth play significant role in green wall production and management. To monitor the green wall environment parameters effectively, we need to design an automatic control system. There are various factors which affects plant growth.  The most important factors that give quality and productivity to plant are temperature, humidity and light. A plant grower needs regular monitoring and modification of these environmental variables to better understand, how growth and yield is affected by each factor and how to manage them for maximal progress of plant. The optimal green wall climate adjustment not only enables us to achieve remarkable energy savings -especially during the winter but also to improve productivity. The main purpose of a green wall is to provide and maintain an environment for work efficiency as well as for good health in indoor areas. There are much research and system designs for environment monitor and control using sophisticated technology. The present control system is designed using recent ATmega16 microcontroller due to some important features such as sleep mode, 10- bit ADC, wide input voltage range and also higher memory capacity.
Key Words: 
Environment parameters; Monitoring and controlling; Microcontroller; AVR; Moisture Sensors; Light Sensor and Temperature Sensor