Bus Rapid Transit System: To Promote Public Transport

Bus Rapid Transit System: To Promote Public Transport

There is need for promoting Bus Rapid transit system and side by side there should be emphasis on improving the pedestrian facility so that people use the pedetrian paths rather than the carriage way. Due to poor delineation of lanes and padestrian paths, most of the traffic congestions takes place. People should be sensitised for lane driving and there must be strict traffic rules and regulation enforcement agencies active so that people stop fancing breaking traffic rules. Modern traffic monitoring system can be installed to minimise the staffs engaged in traffic and transportation management. We can see that in many towns BRTS is successful like Ahmedabad, Pune and some parts of Delhi too. There must be dedicated bus lane in every towns and cities so that public transport is given first preference over the private vehicles which is increasing by leaps and boudsand it is expected to keep growing overs the years. There is limit to widening of roads.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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