Forge and Strengthen Ties with Sudan and South Sudan

India has many strategic relations with international communities and nations. We have our strong hold in Asian and African Nations. We must keep our international ties renewing and revitalizing for gaining an edge over the European and American Nations. India has a good reputation in African nations and time has come to encash our relations.
Strengthen Ties with Sudan and South Sudan

Due the uncertainty prevailing in the West Asia over the various issues like unstable government in Syria, looming fear of sanctions by USA and European Union on Iran which is a major source for our crude oil, time has come when we must look to Africa and other Asian countries and specially Sudan and South Sudan which can be a great source for oil and investment destination by our corporate magnets. India must take a keen interest in ensuring stable and progressive relation with these African nations which have a potential of becoming good oil producing countries.
Strategies should be developed for forging new dimensions of economic relations and India can be of great help for them in the sectors of infrastructure and information technologies.
-- Shashikant Nishant Sharma