Issue of the Defence Deal

It is sad that the issue of the defence deal has one again cropped up when are strengthening out bilateral and multilateral relations with our neighbours and major economies of the developing nations like China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa. The intelligentsia and the top official should engage in thinking of how to harness the opportunities at our doorsteps and the issues of the defence matters should be dealt in a more judicious manner. It is not only necessary to crack down upon those who leaked the defence matters in public but also those who are involved must be brought under the hammer of the justice and a standard must be set forth so that no official no matter how high ranked he may be, he cannot escape the long and strong claws of the law. It becomes imperative from both sides to keep a balance between the sensitivity of the issue under consideration and reputation of nation. A strong, impartial and committed defence forces are the backbone of a nation. Jai Hind...
from:  Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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