At What Point Will We Say Politics are Out of Control?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice how out-of-control American politics has become. Those on the left are not-so-quietly waging war after their defeat in last year’s elections, and it seems the country is tearing itself apart on a daily basis. So you have to ask, when will it end? When will we all take a step back and say enough is enough? Let’s take stock of the current political situation in this country to see if we can’t find some light at the end of the tunnel or an escape from all this madness.
At What Point Will We Say Politics are Out of Control?

What If the Debt Becomes Actually Insurmountable?
Remember the debt? Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t—it’s that pink elephant in the room that surfaces to the forefront of our attention from time to time but that we prefer to pretend doesn’t exist. When talking about things getting out of control, though, it cannot be forgotten. Every once in a while you hear someone stand up and mention how we need to get tend to it, but that’s about it.
But if we’re waiting for the debt to become insurmountable to say politics have finally gotten out of control, the wait might actually be over. According to Just Facts, the official national debt sits at just over $19 trillion. Let’s think about that for a second. It’s hard to imagine that sum of money, no? Well, put it this way, to pay back this sum, each person would need to contribute $61,000 (more than the average yearly salary in the US). What’s more, if you count the debt as including all debts, liabilities and unfunded obligations, that number soars to $84 trillion, or just over $260,000 per person. When you consider these two figures and the fact that they respectively represent 546 percent and 2,370 percent of Federal Revenues, it should be clear we’re essentially past the point of no return.
And there is clearly no real plan to fix it. Both Democrats and Republicans have their ideas, but neither side has a real blueprint of how to bring this number down without dramatically affecting people’s lives (although maybe a little sacrifice is what we need). Yet we keep going. Despite this absurd symbol of big government, business as usual marches forward. Clearly, the debt is not enough to say politics are out of control, so what is?
What if Congress Gets Nothing Done?
If the unfathomably large debt racked up by current and past governments isn’t enough for us to say politics are out of control, maybe the fact that Congress has been able to do virtually nothing over the past eight years will be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back.
Some news outlets reported that the 113th Congress (from 2012-2014) was the least productive in history, but this goes by the number of bills passed, which is a rather useless measure of productive—probably a tool used by liberals to try and blame the lack of progress under the Obama administration on conservatives (wouldn’t be the first time). However, without trying to figure out productivity, it’s pretty clear Congress hasn’t been doing their job, evidenced by record low approval ratings and by an unprecedented attack by Democrats on Trump executive appointments.
However, this overall frustration from American citizens towards their lawmakers still doesn’t seem to be enough to push us over the edge. After all, for as much as we may like to complain, it’s all we’ve got. Frustration may grow, but it likely won’t be what finally causes us to throw our hands up in the air and say: enough is enough!
What If American Politics Are No Longer American?
What about if America’s “sworn enemy,” Russia, launches some massive cyberattack against the American government, rigging its elections and manipulating our politics from Moscow? Would that be enough for us to finally say things have gotten out of control? Well, judging by what is being propagated in the news, this may or may not have happened, but it’s clear it won’t bring any sort of normalcy to an increasingly ludicrous political system. In fact, it may make it worse as liberals use evidence as they please to launch attacks on other officials and stall any attempts towards progress.
Or worse, these allegations could just be a way to cover up some grander scheme by the government to illegally invade people’s privacy for virtually no reason at all. This possibility shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s not the first time the government has done this. The controversy here is endless, so maybe the better plan is to protect ourselves from government invasion into personal privacy than to foolishly try to use these events to spark some overhaul of the political system.
What If Someone Gets Killed?
You know that old saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” Could it apply to politics? Would someone getting hurt, or killed, be enough for us to finally admit things have gotten out of control? Well, we are all familiar with what happened a months ago when Congressmen were practicing for their upcoming baseball game. Once again, this tragic event does not seem to have been enough to push us over the edge, as no real action has been taken to reduce the partisanship in Washington.  
So When?
If insurmountable debt, congressional inaction, possible foreign infiltration into our government (or government surveillance into our lives) and violence aren’t enough for us to say things have gotten out of control, we have to ask: what will?
Maybe the answer is nothing. Maybe we just need to accept the natural state of American politics is madness—what do we expect when 350 million people with widely different backgrounds and increasingly diverse lives come together to try and forge a nation? So maybe instead of waiting for things to settle down, we need to just accept they never will and put our heads together to sort out this mess. If we don't, this country could be in for a dark future full of hate and turmoil, not peace and brotherhood.
What do you think about the state of American politics? In your opinion, have things gotten out of control, and if not, where do you draw the line in the sand? Leave your thoughts in the comments below so that we can begin to forge a path forward.
About the Author: Sandra is an activist and a blogger who frequently writes about American politics. In her opinion, the government has grown to such a point that trying to make sense of it all has almost become a futile effort. Most of her writing is focused on exposing the insanity of the system to try and inspire individuals to take action against an ever-intensifying assault on core American values.