Why Has Stone Pelting Been Legalised In Kashmir?

What is happening in Kashmir? Why are interlocutors being appointed for Kashmir?  Why are interlocutors appeasing the separatists and Hurriyat leaders who are directly funded from Pakistan? Why has stone pelting been legalised in Kashmir? Why stone pelters are freely attacking army vehicles? Why cases against more than 10,000 of them have been withdrawn?
                                      Why has Centre allowed Mehbooba to withdraw stone pelting cases against stone pelters who attack men in uniform? Why has Centre turned a blind eye to the deplorable plight of men in uniform who are expected to brave stones and yet not retaliate? Why has Centre legalised stone pelting in Kashmir?
                                       Why Centre is stooping so low that it does not even have the guts to take strictest possible action against Akbar Lone who is National Conference MLA and who shouted pro-Pakistani slogans right inside Jammu and Kashmir Assembly even when terrorists had killed many of our soldiers in Jammu and the father of one of the soldiers and wounded even women and children? Why is the membership of Akbar Lone not being terminated? Why is Akbar Lone staying in India if he dedicates himself to Pakistan which is a failed state which alone explains that why the likes of Akbar Lone and others never actually shift permanently to Pakistan?
                                         Why Centre is firm that it will not make any law to punish those who live in India yet chant pro-Pakistani slogans? Why Centre is firm that Article 370 of the Constitution which was not originally in the Constitution but inserted later by a ‘Presidential Order’ of 1954 would not be removed under any circumstances? Why Centre led by PM Modi feels proud that stone pelting has become an industry under Modi’s leadership and still he feels that no cases should be registered against stone pelters?      
                                       Why Centre is firm that it will not listen to the prayer of children of soldiers who have appealed to NHRC to save their fathers from being hit by stone pelters as Centre feels that soldiers must tolerate stone pelters quietly who are most important and whose heart can be won only by “healing touch” policy and if they retailiate then defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman herself will give permission to lodge FIR against those soldiers as was done in case of Major Aditya Kumar even though he himself did not fire a shot and his father Lt Colonel Karamveer Singh who is a Kargil war veteran in this old age is compelled to take the trouble of approaching the Supreme Court to refrain the government from lodging FIR against his son who is protected by AFSPA and who did nothing wrong? Why has Centre gone so crazy? Why is Centre concerned only about stone pelters and not about soldiers?
                                               Why is Centre disregarding the soldiers and the families of soldiers who are compelled to approach the NHRC something which I have never heard of earlier not even in AB Vajpayee’s term as PM? Why Centre feels that soldiers must relax when they are pelted with stones by stone pelters and just not panic? Why Centre has reiterated that it stands with stone pelters by not allowing any FIR to be lodged against stone pelters while ensuring that FIR at the behest of Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is lodged against soldiers?
                                       Why Centre feels that even if Kashmiris attack soldiers they must tolerate it and even if their helmet falls in dustbin or gutter they should tolerate it quietly just like had happened last year with some of them who were attacked by many miscreants yet no action was taken against them? Why Centre feels that what Justice JS Khehar had questioned that one country cannot have two laws, two Constitutions and two flags is right but Kashmiris have to be kept happy under all circumstances and so this provision of two laws, two Constitutions and two flags must continue unabated? Why Centre feels that stone pelters must be hugged and not kicked?
                                           Why Centre supports the line of Mehbooba that stone pelters even if they attack soldiers in huge numbers of 300 or so just like happened in Shopian and if soldiers fire in self defence then cases should be registered against those soldiers who fire as happened actually in Shopian when FIR under Section 302 (murder) and Section 307 (attempt to murder) was lodged against Major Aditya Kumar even though he had himself not fired and he was quite far away from the Army convoy in which soldiers opened fire after stone pelters most ruthlessly attacked soldiers and who then to save the life of a JCO fired in defence due to which 3 stone pelters died? Why is Centre and State Government not taking any strong action against stone pelters? Why no case was registered against stone pelters who without any grave and sudden provocation assembled in huge number and meticulously attacked a peaceful Army convoy?
                                          Why Centre feels that just like the DSP Mohammad Ayyub Pandith was brutally beaten by crowd of Kashmir and then made naked and then his bones broken and then was burnt alive who was deputed for security of Hurriyat leaders who openly rant against India yet nothing was done against those responsible similarly no FIR should be lodged against those who attacked Army convoy without any provocation? Why has Centre under leadership of PM Narendra Modi allowed stone pelting to be legalized on army soldiers and other forces? Why has Centre decided that even FIR should not be lodged against stone pelters as happened with the stone pelters when they stormed an Army convoy at Shopian which was peacefully going from one location to another without attacking anyone?
                                         Why Centre has decided that not only all cases will be withdrawn against stone pelters but in future also they will be given full freedom to do what they want? Why Centre feels that attack on Army soldiers by stone pelters is a very small thing and soldiers should just tolerate it quietly as Kashmiris are our own people? Why Centre feels that this is the only way in which the heart of Kashmiris can be won? Why Centre led by PM Narendra Modi is doing what even the most liberal leader and Modi’s ex-boss –  Atal Bihari Vajpayee had not done – encourage stone pelters by withdrawing all FIRs against stone pelters and not lodging FIR against those pelters who attacked Army convoy in Shopian?
                                      If soldiers are treated in this dastardly manner then Centre which is led by BJP will hundred percent lose elections and never again will any true Indian vote them again to power! They must wake up their ideas! India exists because of their brave soldiers and not because of third rated stone pelters or vested politicians who are only interested in saving their own vote bank! Any party which disregards soldiers will be voted out just like BJP in 2004 and Congress in 2014! What if all soldiers decide to launch their own party? Centre must act fast before it is too late!  
                                          Why so much of undue leniency for stone pelters? Why is Centre not sending extra force to Kashmir to deal with them with an iron hand if they dare to attack soldiers while they are operating to kill terrorists? Why is Centre not taking a clear stand on this?
                                              Why it is only in PM Narendra Modi’s term as PM that stone pelters have started raising their ugly head in the most dangerous manner so freely? Why stone pelters feel that there is Modi as PM to protect them and ensure that no FIR is lodged against them? Why has Modi allowed stone pelting to become a routine in Kashmir?
                                       Why FIR lodged against Army officers like Major Aditya Kumar but not against stone pelters? Why Modi is not thinking about the dangerous and disastrous consequences this all will have on the morale of our soldiers and their family as we saw how some children petitioning to NHRC something which never happened even in Vajpayee’s term as PM? Why Modi is taking all this so lightly?
                                            Why he is not taking any steps to ensure that stone pelters dare not attack Army convoys something never heard of earlier? Why Modi is not taking any steps to ensure that those who burn Indian flags, wave Pakistani flags, attack our soldiers and chant pro-Pakistani slogans be advised to just leave India and why should they not be denied Indian citizenship when they claim to be Pakistanis? Why is he blindly adhering to what Mehbooba is saying?
                                                   Why does he not realize that he is the PM of India and not Mehbooba who is just the CM of Jaqmmu and Kashmir and who is known for her soft approach against anti-India lobby as was witnessed just recently when she withdrew cases against 10,000 stone pelters unconditionally? Why is Mehbooba allowing to have the last laugh? Why has stone pelting been allowed to become the fundamental right of all Kashmiris and that too on soldiers who are quietly moving from one place to another or are fighting terrorists at any place? Why has stone pelting been legalised completely in Kashmir?
                                                    Only and only Modi can answer! But does he have the time? Right now, he is too busy with foreign trips even as Kashmir continues to burn! No country can survive long where soldiers are disregarded! If stone pelting is not checked in time, the consequences can be potentially disastrous for our whole nation and the situation can spiral completely out of control for which the whole responsibility would be of Modi who is our PM and is credited for everything good that happens nowadays in our country!
                                                 I have never in my life till now felt such chilling insult of our soldiers as I am feeling now which is worse than even what I felt during Kargil war but Modi is just not bothered! The stone pelters are doing openly what Gen Musharraf could not do publicly to our soldiers! How can Modi still continue to laugh and pretend as if nothing has happened? How can Modi still feel good under such circumstances which I have never experienced before when our soldiers are being ruthlessly killed by terrorists, Rohingyas welcomed in Jammu to facilitate attack on our soldiers who should never have been allowed to settle in the volatile Jammu and Kashmir and worst of all being ruthlessly attacked by stone pelters just like DSP Mohammad Ayuub was attacked, his clothes torn, his bones broken before being burnt to death? Still MFN status for Pakistan! Still normal diplomatic relations with Pakistan! Still Indus water for Pakistan! Still many Pakistani diplomats in India to fund terrorists as was disclosed also by NIA recently! Still VVIP status for Hurriyat leaders! Still no jail for Hurriyat! Still security for soldiers! I just fail to understand Modi’s mind set! Most perplexing!
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.