Grammatical Errors Have No Influence Online. Here’s How

It’s been a while since we stopped doing the most tiresome, and the most tedious of works. We take privilege in doing the bare essentials, and leaving the rest to computer programs that further operate an array of whatever other mechanisms, hence bringing us whatever we need in a silver platter.
Astonishing, right? In a way it provides the savvy side to things.

So why compromise when it comes to perfecting your grammar by spending on courses, and tons and tons of self-help books, when all you may ever require to do so might just be a click (or a few clicks for that matter) away?
That’s right, checking your grammar, and hence perfecting it, has never been this easy. There are literally a whole lot of Grammar check free tool online that are available for free, that are, to say the least, coded for your satisfaction and comfort. Which means, they can, by definition, work better than your word processor in finding grammatical mistakes, hence enriching you with the knowledge of what word/phrase/punctuation you should rather use.
The following are three tools that offer a variety of functions for users trying to proofread, or completely edit a piece they’ve written:
Besides helping you correct typos, grammatical errors, and being able to provide other wording options, this site is in-built with explanations that gratify a change.
And (it’s in their manifesto) what do you literally do, as a student, when you have a lengthy article submission due tomorrow, and you don’t have the time to proofread? That’s right, you just have to load this website in your browser, copy your article from your word processor, and paste it here.
All you need to do next is follow up on the instructions.
This site also prides itself on helping users get their works significantly more readable. In addition, this site is loaded up with a lot of different English dialects, so it doesn’t mostly discriminate between most dialectic differences.
And if things get complicated enough, you can use their deep check feature to probe deeper into your piece.
This tool also works in a likely manner. You can paste the part of your writing that you want checked, or write it using their text editor. Then, click on the free check button to have your writing immediately checked for errors, and given alternatives.
As simple as that.
And just like the former tool, this also features a deep probing method that you can make use of.
Final words…
Although these tools cannot distinguish certain types of errors inherent to a person, his content, or his deliberate sense, they are fairly accurate to an extent.
And most importantly, there are other tools, like Grammarly, that are just as efficient. In fact, Grammarly offers a Google Keyboard and a Chrome plugin that can help correct your writing anywhere, and on the go.
Not to mention the Hemingway online tool that helps you improve readability of your writings (check it out!).