Ceasefire With Pakistan And Terrorists Is India’s Betrayal

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am no supporter of any one particular political party nor have I any affiliation of any kind with any political party! I am completely aghast at the repeatedly betrayal of India’s interest by political parties who are controlling the helm of affairs in India since 1947! The creation of Pakistan itself should never have been accepted since we believe in “unity of all religions” since ages! How did then we compromised with it and accepted creation of Pakistan on the basis of religion in 1947?
                                      As if this was not enough, we did not allow full and final merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India and allowed Pakistan to take away a huge chunk of the state with them in 1947-48 by foolishly rushing to UN and calling for “third party intervention and ceasefire” without taking over whole of the state even though our Army was fully prepared for it! In 1971 war, we won decisive victory against Pakistan yet made no effort to ensure full and final merger of J&K with India! We had captured more than 93,000 Pakistani Army prisoners of war but we left them all though they didn’t release about 100 of our soldiers who they held as captive to be brutally tortured as even former Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto testified that he heard Indian soldiers being tortured throughout the night in adjoining jail rooms!
                                       Even now things don’t end! In 1999, our leaders led by then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee invited Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war thus mocking at the more than 600 soldiers who were slaughtered at the order of Musharraf! Captain Saurav Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment were tortured for not 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 days but for nearly a month before blinding them with hot iron rods, maiming them by cutting their body parts including private parts and then finally shooting them at the head and handing over their mutilated body to India! Ramzan ceasefire was declared which only saw terrorists attacking J&K Assembly, Parliament of India, hijacking aeroplane and ensuring release of dreaded terrorists like Maulana Mehmood Azhar who founded Jaish-e-Mohammad which till now is ensuring killing of many soldiers and civilians, Omar and others and ultimately ceasefire had to be revoked!
                                        Learning nothing from history, our leaders repeatedly declared ceasefire and ensured that our soldiers were killed most unprepared and so were civilians living in border. Just recently we saw how more than lakh people living in border areas had to vacate their houses when Pakistan taking full advantage of Ramzan ceasefire killed many of them and shelled their homes and even police stations! Most recently we saw how one Assistant Commandant and 4 soldiers of BSF were slaughtered during “Ramzan ceasefire”!
                                        Just yesterday we heard and saw in news how terrorists brutally killed Rising Kashmir editor Shujaat Bukhari and also Army soldier Aurangzeb of 44 RR who belonged to 4 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry at Shadimarg in Shopian after kidnapping him at gun point! But the worst came when we saw how PM Narendra Modi and Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore appeared in advertisements on “Physical Fitness” in different news channels! Our soldiers and journalists are being brutally killed in J&K but our leaders are busy with “physical fitness challenge shows” and “Yoga Day” on June 21 most shamelessly! This is just not done!
                                  Is Ramzan a licence to Pakistan and terrorists to kill our brave soldiers? Yes! This alone explains that why our leaders learn nothing from past experiences and give a “free license” to Pakistan and terrorists to kill our brave soldiers and journalists and other civilians including women and children! Which self-respecting and sovereign country will behave like this?
                                   Are we really a sovereign country? Is some foreign power giving political donations to our leaders and remote controlling them? Is this is why leaders learn nothing and laugh shamelessly indulging in “physical fitness shows” even as our brave soldiers and journalists are publicly massacred? Supreme Court must order an independent probe into this!
                                      Supreme Court cannot keep on seeing all this like a mute spectator! Why are leaders take such steps like ceasefire with terrorists and Pakistan in the name of Ramzan whose only objective is to kill all those who are loyal to India? Why leaders say they have given full and free hand to soldiers but ground reality is that pro-Pakistani people are given freedom to attack soldiers, stone their vehicles, beat them and yet FIR registered against our soldiers! If this trend continues then we are certainly allowing UN to pass “adverse remarks” against India as we just saw and India will be mocked as the “weakest country in the world who is like a tiger without teeth” as is happening also and happened during Kargil war also when we shamelessly invited Paksiatni invader Gen Musharraf to India even though he and his soldiers could not win in Kargil and take away any territory from us!
                                      It is in “Modi Raj” that we are seeing pro-Pakistani elements being given a free hand and yet criminal cases against more than 10,000 of them are withdrawn who indulged in stone pelting at our brave soldiers without any provocation! What message is being sent? Which foreign power is being favoured by all this? At whose instance? This needs an independent and fair investigation by a Special Investigation Team constituted by Supreme Court itself!     
                                       Centre is responsible for killing of our brave soldiers like Aurangzeb and others and our brave journalists like Shujaat Bukhari! Why Centre repeatedly trusts Pakistan? Why Centre refuses to learn from repeated betrayals and backstabbing by Pakistan and terrorists sponsored and trained directly by Pakistani Army? Why our leaders are behaving like “agents of Pakistan and terrorists”?
                                       No law, no Constitution and no party can be above India! The interest of our nation and its forces and people are supreme which cannot be substituted by anyone else! But leaders just don’t seem to get this in their head!
                                      How can Indian flags be burnt in Kashmir and flags of terror groups like ISIS be allowed to be waved openly in Kashmir? How can separatists group like Hurriyat keep getting every year more than Rs 500 crore from Centre for spending it on security, travelling, staying in hotels and other expenses at our taxpayers cost? How can Pakistan keep butchering our brave soldiers and journalists and yet Centre unilaterally keep extending Most Favoured Nation status granted to Pakistan since 1996?
                                    How long will we allow Pakistan to benefit from Indus water which belongs to India even as they kill our soldiers and wage proxy war against India by which terrorists repeatedly attack big cities like Mumbai and others and massacre our people and brave soldiers every now and then? How can Supreme Court keep seeing all this like a “mute spectator”? How can our soldiers security and security of journalists and other people be compromised in the name of “Ramzan ceasefire”?
                                 Subramanium Swamy rightly slammed it as “Political impotency”! Many retired generals have slammed this “ceasefire sham” which only serves terrorists to “re-group, re-arm and re-strike” for which no one but Centre itself is responsible! Ceasefire with Pakistan and terrorists is India’s betrayal which under no circumstances can ever be “pardoned or justified or overlooked”!
                                    Why stop all operations in Ramzan against Pakistan and terrorists? What has Ramzan got to do with terrorists and Pakistan? Do Pakistan and terrorists respect Ramzan?
                                            We have seen them killing our brave soldiers and journalists among others every years since ages yet our leaders most shamelessly again resort to “Ramzan ceasefire” thus clubbing Islam and Muslims with terrorists! How else can this be justified? This is “worst appeasement not of Muslims but of terrorists and Pakistan” which every good Indian detests but our leaders care two hoots about it!
                                        Is some Islamic country behind all this “Ramzan ceasefire sham”? Islamic countries like Egypt themselves don’t care for Ramzan and attack other Islamic country as Egypt did when it attacked Syria and so has been the case many times with many other countries! It is only in India that we see “Terrorists and Pakistan” being given a free license to kill Indians in the name of “Ramzan ceasefire” with some leaders and journalists justifying it for their own vested interests which we shall never come to know!
                                          Retired Army soldiers and generals keep shouting at this “ceasefire sham” and mockery being made of our people and soldiers by leaders in different news channels but they don’t really bother about it and indulge in sabre rattling against Pakistan and terrorists only during election time! Right now they are busy in “fitness challenge” shows! Most disgraceful and shocking!
                                        Such leaders are more dangerous than Pakistan and terrorists which alone explains why even former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju slammed them as “rogues and scoundrels”! They are just not bothered about safety of brave soldiers like Aurangzeb and fearless journalists like Bukhari and want to just appease Pakistan and terrorists at all costs and under all circumstances as if they have  voted them to power or financed their election campaigns!
                                   It is high time and now this too must be investigated independently by SIT comprising of eminent former CJI, senior and independent journalists and former Judges of Supreme Court constituted by Supreme Court! The very survival of our nation is at stake! These shameless politicians have now  completely stopped caring at all for the repeated killings of our brave soldiers and journalists under the garb of “Ramzan ceasefire” and try to grab people’s attention in name of “fitness challenge”! Families of slain soldiers call for “revenge and lesson to be taught to Pakistan” but what they get to hear is licence given to terrorists and Pakistan to kill Indians in name of “Ramzan ceasefire”!
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.