Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition


How will your product or service succeed in the marketplace where others may have failed?
Tough question. I know.
However, this is not a small detail you can skip over. It’s critical to your success!
What is a unique selling proposition?
A unique selling proposition defines your position in the marketplace and lets you stand apart from competitors.
How can you identify your unique selling proposition quickly?
  • Easy. Fill gaps left by your competitors.
  • Find these gaps by reading customer reviews on AmazonAppstoreYelpTripadvisorFiverrUdemyUpWork or the online marketplaces and review platforms where your competitors or related products are.
  • Filter straight to the 3 and 4 stars reviews. The real jackpot comes when you find a review that starts with “I would have given it 5 stars if….”.
  • Whatever comes after that “if” is the gap you can fill and the key to your point of differentiation