Nature and Woman Vs Nature as Woman Rhizpha Careena Kotha

Prakasam engineering college

            To describe the finest creation of the creator that is nature and woman, who are the live form of being domestic, pious, pure, kind, gentle, calm, graceful, moral, patient, simple and beautiful. Nature is feminised as it posses the same qualities as woman. That is why we find the great poets of romantic era compare the beauty of nature as enormous as the presence of woman, the voice of woman resembled as symphony of nature. Nature is like a woman who enjoys disguising herself but stands beside at the hard times and becomes the social and the moral support as well. Before the world was christened as society and cosmos was the image of the organism, it’s not surprising but fact, that most people who were connected with their daily lives for their existence, the earth was seen as female as the two faces of same coin, one the passive and nurturing mother other wild and uncontrollable because she is the combination of calm polite and being woman with bit of disaster. Thus the earth, the giver, the supporter of life was symbolized by woman as she is the life giver. Human life begins within woman as only she has the grace and capacity to give birth to human world, she almost faces mortal end to give birth to new life as the seed in the soil dies to bring forth the life as sapling, woman are the architects of the society as it was described by “William Golding” whatever you give a woman she will make greater as a sown seed begins a forest in nature.
Key words
Nature: woman, Environment: Society, Living planet: New life, Pollution: Harassment. God, Equal, battle, Earth, Sacrifice, Survival, Mentality.
Woman has been equated with nature from time immemorial. She, like nature, is considered to possess the qualities of kindness and nurture as that of a woman or mother. Hence, the Romantic poets presented nature as beautiful and supportive of human life. The voice of the woman was compared to the symphony of nature. At the beginning of society, when humans lived in close connection with nature and depend on nature for their daily needs, Earth was the mother to them. As a seed that tears open its coat to give birth to a tree and thence a forest, a woman has the grace and capacity and strength to give birth to a new life and bring in changes in the society at the cost of her life. But it is also true that there is a fierce side to the woman as to nature in its forceful manifestations as storms and thunder. This paper attempts to focus on the similarities between nature as a feminine principle and woman as a procreative force in human society.

Nature: Woman
               Nature and woman are the identical twins created by god, nature being a beautiful creation need someone to enjoy it or rule over it, in biblical context it is said that god created the whole creation but was yet incomplete god created woman from the man and he fulfilled his quest and rested on seventh day by this above mythological end we can analyse how woman is given importance, woman during the early vedic period enjoyed equal status with men in all aspects of life. Rig vedic verses suggest that woman married at the mature age and were probably free to select their own husbands in a practice called Swayamwar or live in relationship called gandharva marriage.
 As the introduction caries the creation and the creator now let us know modifier who is none other than man, human being irrespective of gender.
Environment: Society
Environment is the modified version of nature, as nature is created naturally where as environment is modified artificially as for the human demand and comfort its modified naturally to peace the eye of human and settle in it as they wish to. In contrast to the natural environment is the built environment. In such areas where man has fundamentally transformed an environment, landscapes such as urban settings and agricultural land conversion, the natural environment is greatly modified into a simplified human environment. Every domain caries some sort of restrictions rules and regulations as the society is compelled. Therefore even nature caries some vision to be an environment. Woman is created equally as the man, in fact much more qualities which are above mans mind but the man pulled out the woman and put her in a cage called society, which has many bars and battles like restrictions, tradition for ages, hence she is suppressed under the pressure and taken a shape of being adjusted for every single aspect. As she thinks priorly of society rather than satisfying herself, this quality of her is inbuilt which cannot be dismantled, as woman starts her journey as daughter moulds herself as her father wishes her to be, later as wife she moulds as for her husband and then as a mother she moulds herself for the happiness of her children. That is how both nature and woman face inner struggle to change according to circumstances. 
Living planet: New life
Nature is the unanimous answer for multiplying lives and living things. You sow a seed it gives you tree, if you water a tree it gives you fruit, and when you enjoy the fruit you again get a seed for another new life to begin, in the same manner “William Golding” expresses about the woman and her capability “if you give her a sperm she’ll give you a baby, if you give her a house she’ll give you home, if you give her groceries she’ll give you a meal ,if you give her a smile she’ll give her heart” she makes it greater what ever is given to her and so as nature. In whole of our ‘milky way’ galaxy earth is identified as living planet as it has the most important component that is water. Geographically earth contains 3/4th part of water and 1/4th of land, any creation to survive, need water to continue its survival. Every animal, every plant, every creature survives on earth for certain time period and multiplies into enormous, earth being a planet of life supports every living creature, plant and organism to find its way home and grow vast and so as woman. Woman begins herself as daughter, wife, mother and so on. Her journey goes step by step and gives out the love in form of a baby to be a mother, she is the only social minded one who gives life to the human world and becomes a life giver. She bares every single pain for the comfort of the upcoming, either socially or biologically woman takes image of life giver after nature.
Pollution: Harassment
World is the place which can be mentioned as the beautiful part of creation but when the world takes the new formation of being an environment to satisfy the man’s needs and comfort, it has to undergo a destruction which is named as pollution. Earth, the living planet is loosing its stamina of being fresh and natural as it undergoes the process of pollution and destroy its purity. Pollution contributes to the harmful environment result in adverse affect of living beings. It is a global Issue, it is one of the major problem. Pollution is the process that makes the nature’s resource unsafe, it is not only the human who are affected from this polluted environment but every creature. It makes environment dirty and unhealthy which also includes defected child birth and increase in mortality rate. Pollution disturbs our eco system and balance in the environment. Woman also faces pollution in the form of ‘harassment’ this term is not enough to describe the pain what she faces in the society as an individual without any support given. Woman is loosing her importance due to the presence of the animal minded humans. Even today woman is bind up in the society due to continuous rape attempts on girl child too, different kinds of harassment are faced by woman such as rape, marital rape, slavery and house arrest she is not only facing the physical torture but also mental. Society has to support the woman to live her life independently and brave enough to face the world. Therefore nature should also be maintained pollution free.
Nature as woman
              By now we have known many facts and similarities of Nature and woman but “Nature as woman” itself is a fabulous expression as we know in many historical writings it is described that Nature is feminised, especially in India Nature is considered pious, every part of Nature is named after many Goddesses and worshipped. Rivers like Ganga, Kaveri, Krishna, Godavari, Tungabadra etc., are respected and worshiped as a way for repentance, to wash out their sins and begin a new life. Trees such as Neem and banyan, plants like Tulasi and also worshipped as female Gods. Nature’s beauty is described with feminised words and womanic beauty. As per the Hindu tradition and mythology since ages people worshipped Goddesses in Nature and offered prayers to them. Its beauty is explained that the rivers flow as the woman walk, beauty hinders in them and Earth is called Mother Earth as it takes care of every living and feeds as Mother feeds the infant. Mother is the one who loves without any expectation such a love is pure and pious, we find this Mother love in Nature towards us .
             To get a better world and better life we need to save the nature and respect it for surviving us every single day and so the woman. To extend the life on earth plants need to be planted and watered and share the love and affection to the co-living, to keep a better environment everyone in society need to be treated equally with all concern as we show on our self hence nature and woman play very prominent role in creation that is how creator shows the same grace on them. Both nature and woman being the two sides of same coin face the same and react the same that is why it is said “Nature as Woman”.

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