Nature Writing and Wilderness in Literature

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This paper is all about how nature and wilderness are being written in literature. As we all know that nature plays an important role in our life. There are so many writers in literature who tell us the importance of nature and wilderness through which we can understand nature even more better. The nature and wilderness are interconnected to each other along with the human soul. In this modern world we very rarely find time to spend with nature. We also forget that the nature gives us peace. This nature and wilderness can be connected with joy and Adversity how both are equal in our life likewise they both are also equally important. Writing nature is a historically recent literally genre. I will substantiate my topic with reference to prose and poems how it actually helps us to stay connected with nature. poem such as “anecdote of the jar”. WILDERNESS were people  find themselves were they overcome obstacles and conquer nature and at the same time the wilderness is now where people are devoid of material possession. We tend to understand nature by outward appearance as we also never go deep and understand its wilderness. When its deeply understood we peace within ourselves. Where we also understand that nature is always permanent compared to wilderness. it also tells us the benefits of nature in oneself. As human soul is also interconnected with nature and this doesn’t mean that nature is present in only beautiful things. Among the wildest things in nature also the beauty is present but it doesn’t appear to us easily. It is left us to find them.
Representation of the natural environment is recorded in literature and the early recordings are prominent in the account of the Garden of Eden in the Hebrew bible.
The nostalgic view of a return to unspoiled nature in order to restore a lost simplicity, and concord remained evident in James Thomson’s long poems in blank verse, the seasons (1926-30), and in the widely practiced genre called nature writing. The intimate, realistic and detailed description in prose of the natural environment, rendered as it appears to the distinctive sensibility of the author.
Henry David Thoreau’s Walden (1854). By the middle 19th century, Thomas and other writers in America and England were already drawing attention to the threats posed to the environment by urbanization and industrialization.
Nature teaches us a lot everyday like: it teaches us about freedom.
It shows us how to rise up when the time is not right.
It also teaches us that we must believe in ourselves.
Beauty is in the red of the dragon flame.
The way it burns impossible to tame.
Beauty is in the orange of the volcano’s eruption.
Running down the side in a fiery disruption.
Nature in literature provides a wide range of text, from both well-known and less familiar writers, and it offers students a broad base of knowledge from which to reflect and respond. As it is not only just explaining nature, but just to give a real picture about it by seeing it naturally.
Poets bring nature in front of us ,when we read nature-centric poems ,that is because they never miss any minor things in nature .also they see to it whether they have described nature in such a way that it stands emotionally strong in our mind.
Literature acts as a communication tool, where the poets can express their views freely; this is the place where we get a change to understand nature even better. In this busy world, we often fail to understand the importance of nature, a kind of peace is present in nature and it is truthful for the mankind which never has a false fantasy.
Nature not only lie with abundance of beauty right before our eyes but the wilderness present in it makes us to contemplate about nature in a different perspective .
Writing nature is also about the natural environment around us .there are many poets who still write .As nature is not just like that written , it is written when the author has strong belief on it ,when he is emotionally attached towards it .About nature ,For them nature is that best teacher ,those teachings are shared with us in the name of poems ,essays ,novels ,etc...
When we think about nature, we generally think about its mild appearance in the environment but it also has varied images of wilderness which reflects inside us .The human eyes and the world of literature has not trained to look at the Wilderness in all its magnificence and appeal.
In the poem:
                 BY WALLACE STEVENS
This poem tells that the man made jar caused the wilderness to surrounded the hill, or that the hill looked more untidy in contrast for the jar.
Wild nature rises up to the artistic jar, which can be compared to the human imagination. This also means that the man runs behind the materialistic needs which is not permanent happens when he fails to understand the realistic nature which is permanent.
“The wilderness rose up to it, and sprawled around, no longer wild.
The jar was round upon the grand and fail and of a part in air.”
Which means to tell that wilderness has nothing to do with the nature ,In front of the nature even the wilderness fails, the nature is very powerful than any wild things. Meanwhile the materialistic requirements replace this world things also don't stay long in front of nature. The nature gets connected to our soul when we truly love it. The forest is just a forest from the person’s point of view but it is scenery from the poet’s point of view. They also try to connect us with the nature. Beautiful poems come from the wildest things of nature.
Wilderness can be indirectly compared to the materialistic needs of a human being in this world who runs behind it without any soulful understanding of it. People keeps on searching for peace but fail to see that “peace is within them”. Likewise, the nature is everywhere around them but they fail to recognise them.
Nature and wilderness in literature it’s symbolises the exact meaning of life of a human being. This can also mean that life and death are equal in front of nature, when there is birth; there are also eyes of death, which is “famous law of nature”. It is like a light breeze, which we love, but when don’t like when it then into horrible storm.
When it comes to tribal people, they live in the forest; but they live long with the nature. This shows the simplicity of those people who live along with the nature, as they never knew about this modern world. As life should be seem from both comes positive as well as negative.
Wilderness is not just a word, the word itself very powerful when we hear, it has terrible, horrible meanings too.
In the poem:
          -BY ROBERT   FROST
“When I see birches bend to left and right
Across the lines of straighter darker tress,
I like to think some boy’s been swimming them”.
We can discuss here, the power of imagination. As what he has told is that he is around birches which is very dark, here we can see the wilderness of the surroundings, which is very silent, since the wilderness around it is very heavily, by which he is trying to merge nature and wilderness, in this wild
 Forest we could also witness these beautiful birches, around him which is dark and wild.
From which he is taking the poem to the next level, with his power of imagination that “the boy swinging”. As he is just like that why he adds is that he is not just explaining the appearance of wilderness in nature but tries to add beauty to the wilderness is also the part of nature.
The birches - trees representing creative life itself, their flexibility that supports each person’s needs to strike a balance and to overcome what can be a precarious human existence. The poet chooses the tree as a vehicle for potential transcendence as a means of leaving the earth temporarily, Robert Frost has tapped into the mythological and biblical repositories, where the tree is both life given and life taker.
This poem takes you into the wildest words and nearly up to heaven. Wilderness is a part of nature which can’t be separated at all. It also talks about the inner beauty of the nature rather than the outer beauty. It can be called as a special feature of nature.
Living life simply not only brings happiness but also inner peace and harmony with in a human being. Nature plays a great role along with wilderness which is present in it.