Public Sector Bank

The ones are banks in which the government of India holds the largest stake. Some of private zone banks are: SBI, BoI, Canara bank, etc. Currently, India has 27 Public quarter Banks such as SBI and associates (6) and nationalized banks (19). Addition to this, 2 more banks have been labelled by using RBI as “other Public quarter Banks”- IDBI and Bhartiya Mahila.
Country financial institution of India with it’s around 17,000 branches and round 2 hundred overseas places of work, is India’s biggest banking and monetary services organization by way of manner of belongings. SBI with over 200,000 employees, is banker to hundreds of thousands of countrymen. This bank started before independence. Its parents were 3 presidency banks viz. “Bank of Calcutta” (renamed “bank of Bengal”), “Bank of Bombay” and “the Bank of Madras”. In 1921, the ones three banks were merged in a single entity known as “Imperial Bank of India”. “The Imperial bank of India” became nationalized in 1955 and was named “state bank of India”. For this reason, SBI is the oldest financial institution of India.